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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: tons of leftover halloween candy at the office! yum!! πŸ™‚
    Rave: no rants!
    Revel: candy fixes everything.

    • I bought 500 pieces of candy this year and ran out around 8pm. The later crowd apparently expressed their frustration by stealing my Halloween decorations. Next year (if I bother to replace them) I’m taking them down early.

      • I didn’t get the later crew I usually get. Don’t know if it was the rain or the day of the week. Can’t say I really missed the teenagers not really in costume.

        • In Capitol Hill there seemed to be more of them than usual (or at least they were louder and more destructive than usual). I guess once you make the trip over from PG county you’re not going to let a bit of rain deter you.

  • Rave: New glasses. Just in time to see, in vivid detail, the beauty of fall!
    Also rave: Fall is the best season, and November is the best month!

  • pablo .raw

    Interesting: Since I see lots of people doing online dating, I recommend watching this documentary about how that kind of business work http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_OI7f3j41k

    Rave: New record on views per day on my Flickr stream, 14,000!! πŸ™‚

    Rant: I’m no longer the ruler of all things coffee in my office. There was a coup d’etat and rules changed. Oh well.

    • Your post reminded me that I’ve been pondering the possibility of dipping my toe into the world of on-line dating. A few years back I filled out the questionnaire for eHarmony, and was startled when I started getting mail from lots of artistic lumberjacks. Weird. Now, I find myself sort of kind of craving um, artistic lumberjacks. Seems prescient. So I’d better watch this video BEFORE I dip my toes in.

      • Online dating is like finding a new job. It sucks… dealing with it now.

        • epric002

          i had a very different experience. i found online dating to be a lot of work, but i never thought that it sucked. even before i met my husband online, i had nothing bad to say about it at all. it’s not for everyone (but nothing is), but i think you get out of it what you put in to it.

  • Rant: Got home last night around 10:30pm after a halloween party and discovered that I had left my porch light on when no one was home. Our gate was open, so clearly, some trick or treaters had knocked on our door. I’m sorry, kids of Kingman Park. I failed you.

  • Rave: Turkish pistachios! Quite possibly my favorite food! I’d love to find a local source for these. Can anyone recommend a Metro accessible Middle Eastern Market or nut shop? Nutsonthenet is wicked expensive.
    Rave: New bag from Cambridge Satchel Company. It’s gorgeous and seems well made. And I enjoy having a reason to say the word “satchel”. My fall treat!
    Rave: I’m becoming a gym rat. Yesterday I actually went to the gym twice….and enjoyed it! This feels like a great habit….I’m proud of myself, and vowing to stick with this.
    Rave: I completed some paperwork that I’ve been procrastinating about. Now I can exhale a little bit.

    • My mom used to be obsessed with the Turkish Zenobia pistachios, which you could only find at certain CVS stores. I don’t think I’ve seen them recently, but my CVS is really small and poorly stocked. Maybe check some of the better ones.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My first roommate in college was from Turkey and her mother sent pistachios even though she hated them. It was fabulous for me!

    • saf

      How about Iranian pistachios? It’s a bit of a walk from the metro (about 10 minutes), but worth it.


    • Thanks much for all of your suggestions! So far I prefer Turkish pistachios to Iranian ones — but I’ve been told more than once that I just need to eat more Iranian pistachios to train and educate my palate! πŸ˜€ And I’d walk a LOT longer and farther than 10 minutes for good pistachios — so now I have a fun field trip in my future!

      • saf

        They have many delicious nuts and other food items. Well worth the trip. There’s also a nice little Russian grocery store in the same little strip mall.

  • Rave – Coming up Easy by Paulo Nutini. That song makes me happy.

    Rant – The Fratellis are playing the U Street Music Hall tomorrow and I don’t have tickets. Boo!

    Rave – Looking at the upcoming shows at the U Street Music Hall reminded me of the EDM soundtrack of my misspent youth…Guy Called Gerald – “Voodoo Ray.” Slam – “Positive Education.” Hardfloor – “Acperience.” Mory Kante – “Yeke Yeke (remix).” Orbital – “Chime.” Bangin’ choons!

    Rant – Lou Reed passed away.

    Rave – Lou Reed left behind an incredible back catalogue that we can all enjoy forever. Listening to “Halloween Parade” right now. Next up – “You’re still doing things that I gave up years ago…”

    • I thought The Fratellis broke up years ago?!?
      I also do not have tickets, but I didn’t know to be upset about it until just now. Thanks a lot.

    • Songs of my youth, as well! Don’t forget Underworld – “Born Slippy (NUXX)” and “Dark & Long (Dark Train)”, Moby – “Go”.
      Also, Orbital played at Howard Theater on U Street on Wednesday night! Did you go?

  • Rave: It’s Friday!
    Rave: Leaving the office at 2 pm.
    Rave: Think this is the month to get my first tattoo.

  • Rave: Leftover very spicy Thai food for a late breakfast.
    Rant: Now I’m not so sure that was a good idea.

  • austindc

    Rave: Hug-a-you to the DPW. Some jackaninny spray painted a stencil all up and down Sherman Ave and 11 St. NW. I emailed DPW on Monday morning and the graffiti was gone on Tuesday. It was amazing. Thanks to DPW for keeping this town running!

  • Rant: It started downpouring just as I stepped off the bus. Even though I only had to go a block I was still soaked.
    Rave: It’s Friday. Also, big points to DC for getting my tax refund to me in one week. Still waiting on VA and Federal.
    Rant: A coworker lives on the hill and told me adults go trick or treating with their kids. They have their own bags and expect people to give them candy. I’m sorry but that is so obnoxious. You’re basically using your children to get candy.

    • When I lived on the Hill, they didn’t bother to take their kids with them. Unreal.

      • Yup, I live near H St NE and we did get the occasional adult without kids trick-or-treating. There were also tons of parents with their own treat bags. It is SUPER obnoxious.

        • Oh, get over it. It’s a bunch of young parents who are out there parenting their kids. Good. I have no problem giving a little quick energy to help mom and dad, most of whom have a fraction of the blessings and resources that I can offer my kids. Don’t be a scrooge on Halloween, and use it as an opportunity to interact with folks you won’t meet in other circles.

          • Um, what? “Parenting” does not include taking from your neighbors who had the good graces to buy candy for kids. Adults taking the candy (that ain’t cheap) just makes me not want to participate at all.

          • “Young” parents? No. These people are in their 40s and 50s, maybe even the grandparents. Yes, some of the parents were young and also dressed up in costume, so I don’t mind giving them candy. But when you’re 45, not in costume and drunk off your ass (yup, we got a few of those), it is not cool to solicit candy based on the premise that you have a cute kid.

          • In what world is this good parenting? I would bet that these are the same people who actually never parent their kids and let them run around late at night unsupervised. The ONLY reason they are “parenting” on Halloween is because they want free candy. It’s shameful.

          • epric002

            you’re getting a lot of flack for this, but i’m mostly with you. am i thrilled that parents (or older siblings, i can’t tell sometimes) who are not dressed up/are too old are carrying bags for candy too? no. but i decided i’m not going to let it bother me. i looooved seeing (almost) all the kids dressed up and i wasn’t going to let the fun be ruined by being upset about older/too old trick or treaters. i had a great time last night, and everyone who came to my house seemed to be having a great time too (except maybe the little girl dressed like a genie/harem girl- sorry my dogs barked at you, i think it was your mask).

        • Really? I’d be embarrassed to be trick or treating (ie taking candy) as an adult, with or without kids. I would’t give candy to adults.

          • I could imagine taking a single little bite size candy bar to eat right there if someone offered it explicitly, but I would never bring a bag around. That’s crass. If you really need “quick energy” then dip into your kids’ bag or stop in somewhere for a cup of coffee.

          • Right. I spent money on candy and took the time to sit on my porch handing it out so KIDS would have a fun evening. Not so their free-loading parents could literally take candy from babies.
            I also have a problem with the older teens walking around in regular street clothes with a backpack strapped frontward collecting candy. At least put in a little effort if you’re going to go trick-or-treating at the age of 18.

      • We had two adults last night who said that two of their four kids were apparently “in the car sleeping” and asked for candy for them. We had plenty of candy — not worth calling them out.

  • Rant: Got caught in the moonsoon in the three blocks from Metro to the office and got drenched. I’ve got brand new jeans on and my ankles (and I’m sure all my legs) look like smurf legs since the dye ran.
    Rave: Good coffee and the Adele station on Pandora on a rainy morning.
    Rave: Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  • Rave: Despite having only met each a week ago, I find myself incredibly attracted to a smart, driven, dynamic, and beautiful woman. We flirt incessantly and have a strong magnetic energy toward one another.
    Rant: I should have kissed her last night. She was giving me those eyes.
    Rant: We both have complicated love lives, with existing significant others in places far away from DC. This might get messy. We’re both facing internal dilemmas.

    • Good thing you didn’t kiss her, if you have an existing significant other.

    • I understand the conflict, but take this as a guiding principle – Whatever you do, don’t be a liar.

    • You’ve known the person for a WEEK. It’s not worth it. You know how many people I’ve felt that spark with in that course of time? Yeah, I lost count too. You know how many I still have that spark with? I’m not married or attached, so that should give you an idea. πŸ™‚

      • LOL, best response here. Thanks for the moral grounding, PoP’ville.

      • Just to give another point of view, though…I almost NEVER have a strong spark with people. It’s pretty rare, so when I do, it can really mean something. I think the key question is how you still feel about your existing significant other, and whether this new attraction says something about that, or not. In other words, are you still in love with your SO, attracted to her, and fulfilled by the relationship–and it just feels difficult right now with the long distance, and this person is someone new and dynamic who’s right in front of you? Or is the new attracting making you realize that there are things missing (other than the distance) from your existing relationship? Another way to think about it might be: let’s say you break it off with SO, get involved with this new woman, and then that crashes and burns in a few months. Do you think you’re more likely to feel sad about things ending with both SO and the new lady, but ultimately have peace of mind deep down that you made the right decision; or is it more likely you’ll want to kick yourself for letting SO go? (I do agree with the Anon above though that it depends on how often you feel this strongly attracted to people. Everyone’s different. I don’t have that many strong attractions, but I have a good friend who, prior to getting married, seemed like every guy she met, she would rave and be thoroughly convinced they had an “amazing connection.”)

        • Even if the OP has only had this spark once or twice in his life, I will repeat: IT HAS BEEN ONE WEEK. If that spark really is meaningful, that spark will still be there for some time to come. He has plenty of time to weighs the pros and cons and figure out what to do.

          My only point was don’t act rash and keep things in perspective.

  • Rave: Made the perfect iced coffee this AM
    Rant: opened the lid to mix in the simple syrup and knocked my travel mug over, spilling 9/10 of it. :(:(:(
    Rant: Walking out into a monsoon and having only brought the small umbrella
    Rave: Only took about ten minutes to get a cab to work, which is much less time than it usually takes in heavy rain.
    Rave/Rant: Surprise trick or treaters last night! My building never gets any, so I was completely unprepared.
    Rave: Except that a very sweet colleague brought me a treat bag last night, which I thankfully didn’t finish at the office. I just happened to have enough treats left to cover me.

  • epric002

    rave: halloween. costumes. almost all the kids loved our costumed super dogs. hanging on the porch with my SIL, friends, husband, and dogs handing out candy. wine. goulash. just an all around great evening πŸ™‚
    rave: the foliage!
    rave: it’s friday!

  • rant: last night, my roommate got drunk, tried to cook something on the stove but then passed out before turning it off. at 1 am i was woken up to the sight and smell of smoke in my apartment. i had to deal with it by myself while she remained passed out on the couch. the smoke was so thick, it stung my eyes and the scent of fire still lingers this morning. the pot on the stove was about one minute away from being on fire, so it was fortunate i woke up when i did. it was odd that my extremely sensitive smoke detector never went off though, and the smoke was really thick. it was a very scary experience.
    rave: going to look at condos tomorrow so that i can live alone and not deal with irresponsible roommates anymore.

    • epric002

      wow- so irresponsible. recheck those batteries and good luck with the condo hunt!

    • Yikes, that is scary!
      People were super sloppy in my neighborhood (U Street/Adams Morgan) last night. After leaving a friend’s house at 12:30am, I walked out of her building on NH Ave to find a VERY drunk girl splayed out on the concrete, the contents of her nice large Louis Vuitton bag spilled all over the sidewalk, and her jumbo slice on the ground. Me and another woman checked on her and helped her with her stuff. Take care of your friends, folks! Make sure the drunk ones get escorted home!

      • Wow, that is really scary. She is extremely lucky that you guys found her and not someone less scrupulous. Huge karma points to you guys for helping her avoid a mugging or much, much worse.

      • VERY lucky for her you guys came along.

        Taking care of your friends is smart, I’m just more inclined to hang out with people who can take care of themselves and don’t need babysitting. Ain’t nobody got time for that. :p

        • Thanks, I try to be a nice guy. Unfortunately, I’ve dealt with this a few times this year in my neighborhood (stumbling upon very drunk people who are alone and need help).

        • If you’re a small woman (especially one who only drinks occasionally) it’s hard to predict what a relatively small number of drinks will do. My cousin and I have both gotten wildly drink off as little as two beers or a glass of wine (but other times we can handle a night of mixed drinks and be fine).

  • RAVE: Had a great time with the kiddo trick or treating on 11th Street in Columbia Heights last night. Streets were packed and my toddler had a blast! Thank you to all of the businesses along that route who put in so much effort to make Halloween extra fun this year.

  • Rant: Have to work on a draft for a law school paper tonight and all day tomorrow–I’m a part-time student (11 credits) working full time and I’ve pretty much resigned myself to not having weekend plans for the next 4+ years.

    Rave: Working while doing the school thing means coming out of law school debt-free!

    Rave2: Working on my paper tonight means I’m taking all day Sunday off of school and going with my mom and sister to the cooking show at the convention center. It’s our yearly tradition, and I can’t wait!

  • Rant: I love this gloomy weather but my joints are killllling me. Especially in my fingers and wrists. I’ve been curious about paraffin treatments– has anyone tried them for joint pain relief? Plunging my hands into warm wax sounds so nice right now.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Me too! I love the weather but my arthritis is killing me. It’s only in my right hand so I’ve been carrying around a cup of hot coffee for relief. I’ve done the paraffin before and it’s lovely. When my mother shattered her thumb it was part of her physical therapy. She loved it.

  • Rant: Washington Post. Vacation stops will no longer be credited to my account so when I’m away I won’t receive the paper but will still have to pay. Because apparently I’ll still have access to my digital account, even though I may be places where I don’t (have access). I’ve subscribed to the Post for 20+ years (counting different times living in DC) – and it’s time to become a former subscriber.
    Rave: Less recycling?

    • I think it’s just a matter of time before the print version of the Post becomes a weekly paper. Their current daily is really pathetic. They don’t seem to employ copy editors any longer, and it’s clear that they can barely sell enough ads and write enough copy to fill the few pages that remain. It used to be a great newspaper, which I’m sure you know.

    • Honestly, that seems like a sensible policy.

      • How is it a sensible policy?

      • It could work just fine for the majority of people who might be out of town but still want to read the paper via their digital account (as I would). But would it be too complex to give people an option to also suspend their digital account? Given the (relatively compared to other cities) large contingent of international development folks in DC, it doesn’t seem too farfetched that some Post subscribers might be on work travel somewhere without internet access (or where access is so spotty that there’s no point).

        • Besides, part of the fun of being on vacation or a work trip is reading the local newspaper. πŸ™‚

        • Yeah, but it it worth it to the Post to deal with turning subscriptions on and off? Most people will just let something like that continue, it’s small enough fees that it’s not worth the hassle. And goodness knows the Post needs as much revenue coming in as possible.

          • It’s not “small fees” when I’m on extended travel and paying for my subscription (that isn’t delivered, that I usually can’t read on-line).

            The cost has gone up, the quality has gone down, and in my mind this was a bad decision.

          • It’s kind of like a gym membership. If you’re not around enough to use it then it may not be worth having.

          • It’s been worth it in the past to have the paper delivered – but you’re right, it may not be worth it in the future given their new policy.

          • How is it the WaPo’s fault that you’re on extended travel? You signed up for a 6 month/1 year subscription. Why does an already struggling newspaper need to eat that cost? It just seems silly. Downgrade to the digital only subscription (or get work to foot the check for your subscription).

          • No one is “blaming” the Post for someone traveling. But you pay for eight weeks at a time. Not a year or six months. .
            If it were me, I could hardly ask my non-profit to pay for a newspaper subscription.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Yesterday I found out Jordan Catalano is 41.
    Rave: Everyone hanging out on their stoops last night to hand out candy. It reminded me of home.
    Rant: Then I got home sick.
    Rave: I have really big hair today. (the higher the hair, the closer to heaven, or something)

  • Rant: Having a hard time with the fact that my ex has moved on and is in a seemingly happy relationship. I’m still reeling from the loss, and now feel worse that she’s moved on without a care in the world.
    Rave: I’m working hard to make myself better.

    • about a year ago I felt the same way, she JUMPED into a new relationship after me and I felt ridiculous for mourning her. BUT, a year later ~ I spent that time making myself so much better πŸ™‚ I have a new lady friend who is amazing and my ex is single again. Not that it matters πŸ™‚

      Feel how you feel, take care of yourself and get several hobbies (seriously)

  • Rant: I just can’t with some of the Tea Party memes out there on Facebook. The latest I saw is a photo of GW Bush with a caption that says “I hunted [or maybe it was “targeted”…can’t remember now] terrorists. Why is Obama hunting Americans?” which I presume is a reference to the NSA domestic spying revelations and such. If anyone wants to criticize all those policies and practices, have at it. But let’s not forget which administration implemented the framework for those policies. And please let’s not pretend that W wouldn’t have taken it this far if his advisors had told him to OR that Mitt Romey would have swept into office like a civil liberties crusader and ended all shady domestic spying practices. At least be fair about assigning blame and accountability for the whole mess.

    • +5000. The stupidity, it burns!

    • epric002

      the most recent one that really pissed me off was the photo of sebelius at the ACA website hearings juxtaposed alongside cruella de ville- and then all of the hateful, HATEFUL comments people posted about her and her appearance. and it was shared by a woman. WTF people.

      • rave: my FB friends rarely post anything political and the ones who do have nothing in common with the Tea Party.

      • It is disgusting. They’re already starting that crap about Hillary and she hasn’t even said she’s running in 2016 yet. There is nothing the right wing hates more than a woman in power.

  • Revel: Woke up to a text this morning from a girl that I have been hanging out with for the past month saying that something clicked and she wants me. Best day ever.

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