Props to the Cops – Arrest Made in Series of Burglaries

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

Sent by MPD yesterday:

“Officers and Detectives have been investigating a series of burglaries occurring in various areas in the Fourth District. A burglary arrest warrant was issued for an adult male and he was located and apprehended in the 1200 blk of Taylor St NW this afternoon.

Fourth District Detectives are currently reviewing recent cases for a possible connections for Fourth District burglaries.

Thanks to all who worked and continue to work diligently on this case.”

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  • We had burglaries just recently on Webster St near St. Gabriel, though it was almost certainly a duo that included a female. I wonder if it is connected?

    • Interesting. How do you know female was involved in your case?

      We had a break in over a year ago, and also came face to face with someone trying enter our house on another occasion. Am grateful that MPD has had a victory and wish for many more to come!

    • We were also burglarized right around the corner from St. Gabriel’s. I think it was just one person though.

  • Is his name Charles?

  • FINALLY. Thank you MPD. I was beginning to wonder if they ever solved cases or just responded after the fact.

    I hope this detective work continues. We need your help.

    Has anyone seen a map of crimes vs arrests made in the District. I’d be interested to see what we could learn from it.

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