PoPville T-Shirts Continue to Travel… the District


And I especially like the trivia the reader includes:

“Taken from a tour at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital west campus. Soon to be the consolidated home of Homeland Security and 176 acres of awesome old buildings and fantastic views across the Potomac.

Bonus post question: in what famous movie did the building in the background appear?

Answer: It was the courthouse in A Few Good Men.”

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  • I’d like to agree with you on that “Soon to be…” part. Unfortunately, Congress has not authorized any $$ for other parts of DHS to join the Coast Guard on the West Campus. It’s interesting that the build-out of CGHQ (a.k.a. the Douglas A. Munro Coast Guard Headquarters Building) included a large amount of other infrastructure that will support some if not all of the other buildings on the campus (parking, dining hall, exchange, credit union, sewage, electricity handling capacity, etc.), thus the renovation of existing buildings might not be that expensive (in government dollars that is). So for now, the Coast Guard is all alone on that beautiful campus.

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