Part Time Fencing Professor at GW assaulted near Dupont Circle 4:20am Sunday


Thanks to a reader for sending from Fox 5:

“Chambers, a part-time fencing professor at George Washington, has multiple injuries including severe head trauma. Because of the severity of Chambers’ injuries, homicide investigators are handling the case, warning people to on guard, especially in the overnight hours.”

Fox also reports that Chambers was not robbed and MPD are still looking for a motive.

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  • So many people out there willing to unleash violence against another – very troubling.

  • This is just awful. It sounds like there was a witness and some surveillance camera footage. I hope that Prof. Chambers pulls through and that they catch the man who did this soon!

  • Not to make light of this, but if I were a trained fencing instructor I would carry my competition saber around with me at all times. Even though there are blunt and technically harmless, I think most thugs would back off it you threatened to go all Zorro on their a**!

    • “Not to make light of this, but to make light of this…..” Charming. To be alive but in such bad shape that homicide detectives are on the case. To have your life, if you survive, altered forever — for what? Positive thoughts to the professor and negative ones to his attacker and people who would make Zorro jokes right now when a human life hangs in the precarious balance.

      • You can lie awake at night unable to move from the weight of every injustice in the world pressing down on your chest, not able to laugh at anything, nay ANYTHING, to ease the guilt. Or you can understand that dark humor is a way to cope with the shitty, inexplicable things that happen to good people every day of the week.

    • Well, someone at Fox 5 had a dark sense of humor:
      Police are “warning people to on guard.”
      Fencing. On guard. Get it.

    • Best. Comment. Ever. He def shouldn’t be out at 4:20 AM without his saber or defense tactics. I do pray he recovers.

  • Anyone know if there’s a fund set up for his care or for the family? Don’t know much about the victim aside from his profession. Hoping he pulls through.

  • Bad stuff can happen when you’re wandering around buzzed at 4:20 AM. That doesn’t excuse the attacker, of course.

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