Overhead Wires for Street Cars Getting Installed on H Street Tomorrow

Photo by PoPville flickr user philliefan99

From DDOT:

“The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) has announced the DC Streetcar construction team will begin installing head span wire along the H/Benning corridor on Wednesday, November 13, 2013. Well into the final stage of construction along H/Benning, the hanging of head spans marks a milestone in the timeline for delivering streetcars to the H/Benning corridor in December to begin their official in-traffic safety testing process.

Motorists should be aware that rolling closures up and down H Street, NE will be implemented to facilitate this installation. At approximately 7:00 am on Wednesday, November 13, 2013, the construction team will begin installing each section of head span wire from the south side of H Street, NE to the north side, between 3rd Street, NE and 14th Street, NE. Each closure will take approximately 2-3 minutes, stopping traffic going eastbound and westbound as the construction team moves along the corridor hanging wire.

The thin, stainless-steel wire supports the contact wires that will power the streetcars. Once the head span wire has been installed and safe connections are made to Overhead Catenary System (OCS) hardware and poles, all lanes will be reopened. Contact wire will be strung in the next phase of work and an additional notice will be sent out at that time.

Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout the installation of head span wire. DDOT and WMATA are working together to make certain their level of service is maintained along the corridor.

The construction team will make every effort to mitigate impacts to parking during this work. The continued support and patience of the community is essential in order to meet this aggressive completion schedule. We ask that motorists and pedestrians use caution as they travel through or near the work zone, and follow all restrictions.”

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  • Wait did they resolve the legal objections yet? Either way good to see this is moving forward but hopefully this isn’t going to become an issue.

    • The legal issues with the Union Station to Benning Rd. segment have been resolved for a long time. There are still legal issues with the Union Station to Georgetown segment, but that is at least two years away from the start of construction, and they will need new cars, about 9 new ones I think, and the new ones will certainly have battery capability sufficient for traveling a decent distance. As a matter of fact, the existing 3 cars, and the other 3 soon to be delivered cars, have battery capability. It just doesn’t last for a long time/distance.

  • Wow, I thought this day would never come. 🙂 Awesome.

  • Take THAT neysayers!

  • I’ve got to give it to DDOT, they have really stepped it up in the last six months. Can’t wait to see these suckers rolling down H Street and Benning Road!

  • Overhead wires?! What year is this? It’s going to make H street ugly… I thought one of the reasons the project took this long was that they were building an underground wiring system.

    • Wow. Where have you been? 2010 is calling.

    • One of the neat features of the upcoming trolley is the ability to “submerge” the entire trolley underground at will, essentially turning it into a subway. This is largely why the project took as long as it did to complete.

  • This is s milestone but a dlap in the face for prior residences of the area. The demographics changed and the city starts helping…..no help prior….now along H street old demographics feel like they font belong because of the rude and superior than attitudes of the new…..yeah for the ever changing city…watch out taxes….. good side is the city services will finally change

    • No prior help. We use to have a housing lottery where people could get old homes for 500 dollars. That’s pretty serious help.
      We used to have a mayor that stock government appointments with his friends and bleed to city of tax dollars while he harassed women and smoked crack. That mayor first proposed the street car system years ago, and did so for a long time until certain people whispered in his ear that it might lose him old black voters,
      10 years ago there was a dc government project to give brand new signage to businesses on h street.
      The h street connection was built to foster economic development to the area.
      The h street Main Street was formed.

      This slap is the face idea is bulllshit. You’ve not followed history if you think it’s a slap in the face.

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