New Pizzeria Applies for Liquor License on Upper 14th Street

4720 14th Street, NW

A recent liquor license application says:

“It will be a franchised restaurant that sells pizza and pasta with Italian Style. Total Occupancy Load 52, Seating 32.”

Felicita Pizzeria will be located next to door to Rough and Ready antiques:


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  • gotryit

    More power to them for fixing up a run down spot, but I can’t see that succeeding. La Villa has great pizza about a block away, and I think I’d go a little further to either Petworth or 11th street in Columbia Heights if I wanted to go out for beers – not a pizzeria.

    • +1 for La Villa take-out/delivery. A sitdown joint with a family atomosphere would be a nice addition, though.

      • I agree with this. I also wish more of the few restaurants around there would set up some outdoor seating. Only Highlands does so, and honestly they could do it better. A small flower box or something to separate the seating from the sidewalk a bit better would be nice, plus some of those large string lights that are popular with restaurants would really improve the look of things at night. In fact, if enough restaurants around there did so, it could really make things more inviting for people who live nearby to come check things out more in the evenings.

    • +1 Was just about to post pretty much the same exact comment.

    • something to take the place of Moroni, which turned into a club/bottle service venue that also serves pizza last time I checked, say 6 months ago.

    • Love supporting La Villa. Happy to see the option, but if it is just a more expensive version of La Villa, I am not super interested.

  • What about some love for the real upper 14th? Where 14th and Colorado and Kennedy cross? Any new development scuttlebutt up that way, PoP?

  • Yay on this. Would love to have a place right around the corner. More restaurants here please!

  • I think they have some “splain’n” to do. I live around the corner and have monitored their renovation progress (or lack of) for the last 7 months. It appears to be a “take out” place. The counter is about 10′ inside the front door. There is no way the current configuration will accommodate 10 seats, let alone the 32 seats requested on the liquor license application.

    Can carry out restaurants serve alcohol?

    2+2 doesn’t = 4 in this situation, especially with neighborhood favorite, La Villa Pizza, just 1/2 block south.

    • There’s already one weird “restaurant” on that block – what’s the deal with Johanna’s? The only time I’ve seen it open was late night on a weekend and they had disco lights on.

  • I go past the Colorado Cleaners spot everyday. No movement at all. Very disappointing…

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