New Filipino Restaurant Coming to Columbia Heights Could Take Up Two Storefronts on 11th Street

3224-3226 11th Street, NW

A couple of months ago we learned a Filipino restaurant from one of the owners of Room 11 was going to take over the former El Rinconcito Deportivo space a few storefronts down from Room 11 at 3226 11th Street, NW. Walking by the other day I noticed there was some action at the vacant space next door at 3224 11th Street so I inquired with owner Nick Pimentel who tells me that he holds the lease for both spaces and is still figuring out whether to double the Filipino restaurant’s space or open a completely new concept there. Either way this is awesome news!

For those that don’t recall – plans for the Filipino restaurant are to:

“serve a range of iconic Filipino dishes, snacks and comfort food alongside a thoughtfully curated beverage program.”

Updates as construction progresses.

11th Street looking north towards Lamont and Room 11

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  • This is going to be awesome either way…

  • Very cool! If we could just get whoever is moving into Columbia Height Coffee’s space (or KBC, for that mater) to take over the empty space between them, that would be awesome!

  • In my opinion they could use a 7-11 on that block, or a clean convenience store… Putting another niche restaurant on that block only reduces the need to ever go there in favor of areas that will have cleaner and more trafficked restaurant areas like DC USA just a few blocks over. The businesses that move in should service residents in the areas a bit more.

    • there is a 7 – 11 3 blocks away and there are plenty of cleaners on 14th street. Lets leave 11th street to niche restaurants and locally owned places. Not everyone likes the well trafficed restaurants and it’s nice for the locals to have nice, quiet places to go.
      My one thought is someone should turn Columbia Hts coffee into somethiing like Cork Market for cheese, wine, spices, pastas’s etc. I am all for a @Maple Market!

    • I know what I’d like to have less of on that block: Less petty crime.

  • It’s so nice to see something different coming to the neighborhood.

  • It will be interesting to see how this turns out. I have been to the Philippines several times and quite frankly, I have not been impressed with the cuisine. Not that I’m the omnipotent judge, but on each occasion, I went out of my way to find something appealing about Filipino cuisine and came up empty each time. This is a departure from most all other south eastern Asian cuisines, which I really enjoy. The two exceptions are Lechon Kawali (deep fried pork belly) and crispy pata (deep fried pork leg). Cuz I love me some pork.
    But really, DC does not have much of a Filipino population at all, and as such, I would be concerned about authenticity. But then again, maybe the proprietors of this spot are real Filipinos, with a deep desire to deliver a bit of home to a bunch of transplanted suburbanites who never heard of the Philippines.

  • Maple will be expanding to CHC space shortly. Lease is signed.

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