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  • You have got to be kidding me…

  • please make it stop

  • This is completely asenine.

  • sheesh
    i hope they get past this one…
    but it makes me wonder how well they will do once open if they are meeting so much resistance prior to opening

    • They’ll do GREAT. That’s the perplexing thing here. I promise you that the majority of the neighborhood wants this. It’s a small, vocal minority that is protesting.

    • The only resistance to them opening is ANC Steptoe herself and the churches, who seemingly have all of their congregations drive in from Maryland if you check out the license plates on the street on Sundays. People who actually live in the neighborhood are thrilled that this is coming and will support it voraciously if it’s a good product, just like Menomale, which is a great source of pride for many of us.

    • ANC sideshow aside, there is HUGE support for this in the neighborhood. 149 neighbors within ~2 blocks of the establishment signed a petition in favor, and turned out in support at the ABRA meeting – which lasted until past 1am. The Board members said it was the largest turnout they had ever seen. Brookland wants amenities.

  • Com. Steptoe is a JOKE! She is hurting the very people she trying to protect.

    If anybody was present at the ABRA meeting you would have seen what kind of person she was. She rounded up a group of protestants and hung them out to dry. Didn’t prep, aid, advise them to any considerable complaint. She sat there in silence and let the board, the BF’s attorney, and the attendees snicker at their complaints.

    If she is against development then Brooklands Finest is the place she should be helping. (She has raised no complaint about Optimism and frequents often) A small BROOKLAND FAMILY OWNED AND RUN restaurant and bar. There is major development coming into Brookland and they will laugh at Steptoe’s antics.

    The only thing she has succeeded is driving a spike between neighbors and throwing away hard working family’s money. Congratulations!

    • i think people snickered because the complaints are utterly ridiculous

      • You bet they were

        There were complaints stating people outside BF would use their camera phones to take pictures of neighboring children

        The local church complained their members would not have anywhere to park when they drive in from Maryland

        Chicken wings would get thrown on the sidewalks

        Can’t quote exactly but it was said Alcohol was a vile substance of the devil.

        Comm. Steptoe did not mention anything about any of her recent list of complaints.

        I live 400 ft away and she never knocked on my door… this is another bump in the road and will only make the majority of the neighborhood that is for BF support the restaurant more.

        Comm Steptoe barked up the wrong tree and was humiliated, now she is doing anything to save face

  • Seriously, who is it that is filing these motions? Is it the immediate neighbors? Old folks who hate everything? What would they prefer to see in that space?

    • another church :/

      • Is this true? If not please don’t add this to the mix.

        • should i have added a jk to the end? sorry, comment police. sadly, i’m not “just kidding”. if someone wanted to open a church in that location it would probably have zero resistance from the anc.

          • It’s a moot point, considering that there’s no demand for new churches in the District. They are shuttering at a fast pace.

          • @ Anon 11:41 Not the comment police but I actually care about the neighborhood and the issue is already heated enough without further muddying the waters, but take it how you want it.

        • Unfortunately, there’s truth there. Any business that has the potential of attracting young white people to Brookland is met with significant resistance. There’s a few very loud folks in Brookland who are flat-out against all forms of progress because they fear it will change the “character” of their neighborhood, but it’s really just good old hating on the newcomers.

          • Brookland is in the process absorbing 1000 new units of housing (Monroe Street Market, 901 Monroe etc. ) around the Metro, the character IS changing. The shops / restaurants coming to Monroe Street Market and the shops on 12th (on the other side of Monroe Street) faced little opposition. I moved in two years ago and I am getting concerned with the amount of density. Many of the people moved in for the family feel of the neighborhood. Many of my neighbors have relocated to this area because it is NOT U Street / Columbia Heights.

            NOTE: Monroe Street Market still has not even broken ground on two of their lots.

          • Brookland was a beneficiary of DC’s stagnation and general FUBARed-ness for most of the past half-century. Now that DC’s growth is returning to historical trends, Brookland can’t be exempt from that change.

          • c.t.d. – I agree. I took issue with this comment, “Any business that has the potential of attracting young white people to Brookland… ” Those who Brookland (Edgewood) know there have always been white families (not to mention the students.) Most residents have welcomed if not asked for development over the years. The ‘significant’ resistance is a few people creating procedural speed bumps, but they did not stop Menomale and they won’t stop Brookland’s Finest. I think the biggest REAL issue / disappointment for most residents, new and old, is with all the new Brookland development there is no still of full service grocery store.

            Additionally, those who live in the area want to see a transit-oriented development ‘do over’ at Forman Mills mall @ 4th and Rhode Island Avenue
            The site’s proximity to a main DC thoroughfare and Metro station could be better utilized to bring more residents, more amenities and improve safety on the MBT and the whole area.

  • KSB

    What’s the definition of insanity again? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? Pretty much covers it…

  • Does anyone know what ABRA can do with the motion to reconsider? Can they simply deny the request? Is there a waiting period that must be observed? Can Brookland’s Finest open while the motion to reconsider is addressed? Given ABRA’s initial ruling, I can’t imagine that this motion to reconsider will go far. It just seems like obstructionism.

  • “We strenuously object, and ask to confer with you before you rule on this objection.”

    “The objection has been overruled.”

    “Move to reconsider.”

    “The witness is an expert, and the court will hear his opinion!”

    “I strenuously object. Is that how it works? “Overruled!” No, I strenuously object! Oh, then I’ll reconsider!”

    “I got it on the record.”

    “You object once, so we can say he’s not a criminologist. If you keep after it, it looks like a bunch of fancy lawyer tricks. It’s the difference between paper law and trial law!”

  • Given the tenor of the Board’s opinion, I think this will be slapped down quickly. I just hope the protestants are not deluded enough to then try an appeal.

  • The most troubling thing here is that this appeal is in the name of ANC 5B and it was filed on Nov 4, but the appeal was not voted on in the Oct. 30 ANC 5B meeting or even mentioned. During that meeting, Ms. Steptoe did her typical grandstanding as to how her little area is “development ridden” and she offered a particularly ungracious congratulations to the people in the community who would be frequenting the establishment, implying that she herself would not patronize it. This really shows that it her actions were never about ensuring that Brookland’s finest be a good neighbor and finding the best solution for all. Rather, she has been fundamentally opposed to this restaurant and will continue to oppose by all means.

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