More Red Line Delays this Morning, Groundhog Day at Gallery Place


This morning @wowindc sends an almost identical photo from yesterday, she writes:

“again at gallery place. Another day, another delay; worse than 5pm on beltway.”

Metro reported:

“Red Line continues delays in both directions due to a signal problem outside Ft Totten. 8:55a”

“Shady Grove-bound Red Line train offloading for a brake problem at Gallery Place. Trains holding directly behind. 7:22a”

UPDATE Metro General Manager Apologizes to Red Line Riders:

“I want to apologize for the delays and inconvenience you have experienced recently. I know that service on the Red Line has not been good over the past several days. Be assured, we are focused on these issues and are taking steps to improve service.

We will have more information about this morning’s service posted here later today, and I will tell you about changes we are making to address this situation.

Again, I apologize for the delays you have experienced, and thank you for riding Metro.

Richard R Sarles
General Manager & CEO”

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  • Everyone is on their phones. We really are the heads down generation…..

    • They’re stuck in a train station and have been probably been there for some time. They’re probably just reading or online, trying to pass the time. What would you have them do instead?

      • Having a good grasp on the bus system is really helpful when this happens. During yesterday’s cluster, I was able to adjust and take the H4 to the 53 (cleveland park to downtown) after watching 4 L2s pass me by. Only added 30 minutes to my commute. Since I knew what I was doing today, it only took me an extra 15.

        • See, adding 30 min to my commute seems like a BIG deal. And I’m sure it’s an even bigger deal for some retail and food service workers since their employers tend to be pretty inflexible about arrival times. My practice these days is to check the train before leaving the house, and if there’s any indication of a problem, I just bike or Car2Go. It’s almost always MUCH faster than the bus.

      • sorry – that wasn’t supposed to be a reply to you.

        • No worries, the reply placement can be wonky! I’ve used the bus to get where I was going during backups like this. It’s good to have a backup plan.

      • Back in the old days people might strike up a conversation with a stranger and have a nice 3D, analogue interaction with another human being. Don’t get me wrong–if I were on that platform I’d have my nose in my phone too.

      • I always have a book or magazine with me (no smart phone or e-book reader) on metro. I would be reading.

        • I’m working the Sunday Times puzzle. I rarely have my face in my phone because I want to know what’s going on around me.

    • You gotta tweet your frustrations! Everyone needs to know how you feel!

  • Here’s an idea for one change you could make, Mr. Sarles: allow riders’ fares to be refunded at the station kiosks when they give up in frustration and decide to find a cab or a Car2Go instead of waiting for one of your unreliable trains. It’s ridiculous that people are forced to pay for rides they never end up taking when they enter your stations only to find that the trains are (not surprisingly) running behind or not at all.

    • Has anyone ever sued Metro about this? It seems completely unfair. I could see a class action lawsuit forcing Metro to reconsider this position.

      • justinbc

        On what grounds? People are leaving of their own volition because they don’t want to wait. Metro makes no guarantees about wait times.

        • Its called passenger bill of rights, much like the airlines have, which set limits how much abuse airlines can subject paying passengers to. If we could only extend it to the TSA. Where’s Ralph Nader when you need him?

    • I agree. Metro should set a delay threshold, after which refunds are issued for same-station exits. And then a second threshold, after which all rides are free. It’s good PR, and excellent motivation to keep things running.

    • i didn’t even know we got charged for this. shows how much i know! grrr

  • Yep, still love my car.

  • Metro’s station architecture is so fantastic for capturing these clusterfucks. You’d never get a shot like that in a NY subway station!

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