Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill/H Street

637 Morris Place Northeast

This rental is located at 637 Morris Place, Northeast:


The listing says:

“All NEW renovation. Stylish 1 bedroom/1 bath English basement on Capitol Hill. Open floor plan. Luxury bath. Beautiful wood floors throughout. Granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, full size washer & dryer. Few blocks from UNion Station Metro, vibrant H St corridor,Cafes & Restaurants on Mass Ave & National Mall”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,750/Mo.

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  • 1750 for a basement on H street….i’m sorry but rental prices are just out of control in this city.

  • 1. I swear Cap Hill grows every day lol

    & 2… thats too much, looks nice and all yes but thats high

    • You’re paying for location there, which is excellent. But it’s certainly overpriced–you really shouldn’t be paying more than $1,500 for that.

      • Id even argue with that excellent location remark
        close to h st yes
        decently close to union station, yes (still 5-6 blocks away though)
        and its on the part of h st where the least amount of stuff is

        its still a 3-4 block walk to where the best parts of h st are

        i was on 9th & h for a while dating 3 yearts back and even 2 blocks up from this spot it was a decent walk to the major bars and eateries

        yes there are a little more up and down h st now but the majority of them are still up closer to 11th, 12th etc

        price is deff to high

        • Depends on what kind of stuff you like to be near. The western part of H Street has more fitness, coffee shops, and retail. I’m more of a yuppie than a hipster and would much rather be closer to the yoga studios and Giant and Metro Mutts than the cooler bars further down.

    • thats ben called capitol hill for the 20 years ive lived here.

  • Wood/laminate floors + basement = no no

  • this is too much for this area. i know its trendy and hip but its still H Street. for a little bit more you can get something in one of the new buildings in “NoMa”.

  • What is “WAMPOODLE” North of Union Station?

  • Nice place and nice location. I think they will have trouble getting people to commit at that price, though. They could almost definitely get $1600 if it’s including utilities. If not, they might have trouble even at that price.

    • I don’t think they’re going to have trouble, even at the current price. I recently moved out of a place a few blocks away (also an English basement). I was paying $1650 and my landlords were increasing the rent to $1800. The only included utilities were DirectTV and water. They found new tenants withing a week of putting the place on Craigslist.

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