Lyric 440K Begins Leasing Wed. – Have a Look at one of the Units and See Some of the Retail they are Hoping to Get

440 K Street, NW

From a press release:

“Quadrangle Development Corporation and The Wilkes Company announce the completion and opening of Lyric 440K, a 234-unit, 14-floor luxury residential building, and the team’s fifth building in the two million square foot, mixed-use community in the Mount Vernon Triangle. Lyric 440K offers a mix of 182 one-bedroom, 26 one-bedroom with den, and 26 two-bedroom apartments along with resort-inspired amenities.

Lyric 440K features a porcelain rain screen exterior, creating a stylish street presence as well as energy efficiency. A distinctive architectural element designed as an ALPOLIC metal “fin” graces the façade of the building. The high tech prismatic finish creates an iridescent effect similar to dragon fly wings, with the color of the fin evolving through shades of blue, pink, green and violet as the light changes depending on your vantage point.


Lyric 440K includes:

Elegant lobby with 24-hour front desk service
Two-tier pool with lap lane
Elegantly landscaped roof deck with fire pit, water features and large indoor social space
Second floor secluded tranquility garden and outdoor fireplace
State-of-the-art fitness center with cardio theater
WiFi available in all common areas
Valet dry cleaning service
Pet-walking service
Gated access to underground garage parking and bicycle storage room
Exclusive on-site ZipCar

Apartment features include:

Floor-to-ceiling windows and abundant natural light
Italian Atlas Concorde tile flooring
Gourmet kitchens with double sinks, granite countertops and espresso cabinetry
Built-in wine racks and stainless steel appliances
Full-size washer and dryer
Balconies and private courtyards
Pet friendly”

As for the retail part they are looking for:

a small-format gourmet market, artisanal coffeehouse, specialty wine shoppe as well as a full-service restaurant with market and butcher or bakery component.”

Lots of photos after the jump.





Future roof top pool

Here are a couple of renderings for how the roof top pool and second floor tranquility garden hope to turn out:

pool area 4x6

Lyric tranquility garden 4x6

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  • Any word on prices?

    • “A lot”

    • If you have to ask….

      I mean, if it were remotely affordable, they’d mention it. I’m guessing the two bedrooms will go for the mid 3,000s, the one bedroom + den in the lower 3,000s and the two bedrooms in the upper 2000s. But that’s just guesswork matching it with what new buildings seem to be charging plus considering the proximity to downtown (essentially walking distance, albeit a long walk, or a short bike ride to a lot of high priced jobs on K St).

  • It looks very nice, and yes, I’m sure it’ll be expensive. Was there ever a time when new buildings in DC were not necessarily expensive? Is it just because of the market that we end up with new buildings like this one? Is the demand for luxury so high, or is it luxurious mostly to recoup construction expenses? I’m neither pro- nor anti-, just wondering, thanks.

    • You are correct – rents are high because land prices and construction are so expensive. Developers and financial partners have target percentage returns they are seeking and rents need to be high enough to create those returns. I get frustrated on this site and others when developers are simply labeled “greedy” and rents are deemed unnecessarily expensive. We’re dealing with market forces here – if the rents were any lower, these buildings wouldn’t get built.

  • Looks nice. I like that they’re looking for a coffee shop and bakery to fill the retail spots (especially since the Michael Landrum coffee shop planned for City Vista fell through.) Not sure that a gourmet market and wine shop make as much sense with Safeway just around the corner… I also like the idea of the prismatic metal “fin” on the exterior, but I’ve walked by several times and never noticed it appearing to change color…I’ll have to take a closer look.

    • I think the small gourmet market could do well. If done right, there is no competition with Safeway. There are very few things gourmet at Safeway. Safeway is only good for the basics. Quality meats and seafood are non-existant there, so I believe a butcher shop could also do well also. Now the wine shop will interesting to see how well it might do. Tel Veh seems to have defied expectatoins (at least mine). Would be head to head competition.

      • Because we need more over-priced places to shop.

        • Actually, some of us find the higher prices at specialty shops to be worth it (ethically, taste-wise, or otherwise). If you prefer Safeway, that’s fine. But why is it that such people invariably feel the need to pick at independent shops and/or begrudge others their choices?

          • My guess? People often come across as pretty sanctimonious about choosing to shop at such places. There are also class/money nuances — some people who can afford to shop at higher-priced places don’t seem to realize that for many people, that’s not an option.

      • Please…I grilled two Safeway Rancher’s Reserve ribeye streaks over the weekend that I got for less than $5.99 a pound and they were as good as steaks I’ve had at any number of “high-end” steak joints in this city. I have no problem with stand-alone butcher shops, but quality meat is certainly not “non-existent” at Safeway.

  • I wonder how many low income units were set aside for the locals??

  • Its looking pretty sleek. Will be interesting to see what kind of quality exists in the construction and finishes. Has anyone notices how quickly this and other apartment buildings go up, versus some commercial buildings like–say–the Marriott Marquis building. That thing is taking forever to finish.

    And…I hate to be so pessimistic right out the gate, but regardless of how sleek it is, the reality is that it will most certainly be managed by one of these money grubbing, customer service impaired development management companies (you know, the Bozzutos of the world…and all the rest) and the living experience will be just like every other one of these so called luxury rental buildings in DC.

    • I think you underestimate the size of the Marquis. It’ll be the largest hotel in DC when it opens. The Lyric is 233k sq. ft. total. The Marquis’ will have over 100k sq. ft in meeting/conference space alone. The Marquis also extends over 100ft. down into the ground. There’s a good reason why they’re taking forever!

      • I understand the size difference, ep_ jhu. The point is, if you’ve ever lived in one of these so-called luxury buildings, most of them are poorly constructed; erected in record time to maximize profits from rent paying tenants. You can hear a bee flying outside the window, despite claims LEED certified; not to mention your upstairs neighbor walking across the living room, or your next door neighbor who leaves their terrified dog home alone all day barking. And if you’ve stayed in as many middle market hotels as I do, you will find that most of the main brands in medium to large sized cities well constructed buildings. At this very moment, I’m sitting in a Marriott hotel directly adjacent to an international airport. I have not heard a single jet take off or land. Hospitality industry executives know that their establishments won’t survive if if their paying guests aren’t happy. Apartment developers could learn something from the hospitality industry about customer value. Except in markets like DC, there’s no need for that.

        • +100
          I don’t understand why anyone would spend money on these faux-“luxury” rental buildings that keep popping up. The prices are usurious, the amenities under-used, and the management companies tack on TONS of fees for every little thing. They are completely impersonal and charmless. And at this price point, why wouldn’t you just buy a place? How are people saving any money by living here? $3K/month for a 700 sq ft 1BR is just stupid.

          • Agreed. While these luxury buildings are nice to look at and may have some nice fixtures (faucets, appliances, etc), they are built quickly and with the cheapest materials available. Tack on some Bozutto management and it’s a miserable experience. But, if this is what’s available, it’s what’s going to be rented and developers and construction companies can feel validated in ripping people off.

  • figby

    Sorry — “wine shoppe”??

  • I have to say, that “fin” that runs down the front of the building is pretty cool. During sunset when the western sun is shining on it, it turns a gorgeous peachy orange color…well done.

  • I just asked called, the one bedroom start under $2,000

    • That sounds surprisingly good for a newly constructed luxury rental building. I wonder if that’s with any discounts (1st month rent free, e.g.) included. Could be multiple factors (location, concern over DC economy with federal spending stalling, softening of the rental market).

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