Lost Cat Last Seen in Petworth – UPDATE – Found!

Boo Boo I

“Dear PoPville,

He is an indoor cat and I can only imagine how scared, cold and disoriented he is.

LOST –British Shorthair

gray color
copper eyes
Name: Boo Boo, male
Weight: 10 lbs but looks bigger since he is fluffy
Age: 6 years
Last seen: Tuesday. morning November 26
Where: 4600 block of 4th Street, NW between Buchanan and Crittenden in Georgia Petworth
No collar, no microchip.

If you see him, please call Irena at 202.591.9969”

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  • If he is an indoor-only cat, he is probably close by and hiding, but may not make noise because he doesn’t want to be found by predators. Search all nooks and crannies nearby. And please microchip him when you get him back. Good luck!


  • I found Boo Boo, thank you everyone for all your help!! I am one happy Mama.

  • Yay! This is my rave for the day.

  • Yay! This is my rave for the day. Would you mind sharing how you found him – was he nearby and hiding like someone suggested?

  • With holiday visitors & houseguests coming and going, remember everybody how easy it is for pets to sneak out!

    • A good reminder of why even indoor-only cats should be microchipped and wear collars with ID tags. So glad he’s home for the holiday!

  • When I realized that Boo Boo was gone, I was beside myself and since it was raining and cold all I can imagine was for a kitty that has never been out shivering in the cold with no shelter, frightened and alone just broke my heart. At one point I thought that he would not recognize my voice when I was calling for him, since I was wailing. Most of the advice I was getting online and from family and friends was because he was an indoor cat that he was near by and that I should bring with me his food and favorite toy, that is what I did. I also went to all my neighbors and told them he was missing and showed them pictures of how he looked like. Finally at 10:30pm, he was missing since around 2pm I went out again in the rain calling his name, with food and his toys I heard a tiny little noise in my neighbors back yard (I had passed through there 5 times earlier in the day), I approached the back of the house from where the sound was coming from, but did not want to frighten him , so I just called out his name softly a couple of times, I also rattled the food and he made another little whimper but did not move towards me (he was just frozen there not moving) so I approached him slowly and grabbed him he was all soaked and shivering. Poor little bunny.

    Thank you everyone again for all your well wishes. Even though he is an indoor cat I will get him a microchip and a collar.

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