Logan Hardware Moving from P Street to 14th Street, Point Chaud Cafe and Crepes Closing?

1416 P Street, NW

Some interesting news out of the Washington Business Journal on Monday:

“D.C.’s Logan Hardware store has found its next home: Two adjacent rowhouses at 1734 and 1736 14th Street NW. The Ace Hardware affiliate aims to move to its new, larger location in July, right after its current lease expires. The new spot will be 10,000 square feet, significantly larger than the store’s current 6,500 square-foot store at 1416 P Street.”

1734 14th St, NW was previously home to Redeem boutique before they moved up the block. 1736 14th Street is currently home to Point Chaud Cafe and Crepes:

1734 and 1736 14th Street NW

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  • Awesome! I live right around there. Not sad about the crepe place closing. I went there one time last year and the crepe was so thick and dense I’ve never gone back. Does anyone like that place?

    • I like that it’s a reasonably priced, healthy food option on 14th Street, yes.

    • i think the crepes are great actually

    • I agree – they have healthy options at reasonable prices, but the crepes were like tortillas…really thick. If you want great light crepes, along with healthy food and great prices, just walk a few blocks over to DC Scoop Cafe, at 1514 U St. I go there almost every week – great little spot with great crepes.

  • justinbc

    Good for them! This was some of the friendliest and most helpful staff I’ve ever met in DC. After moving away from here, and Frager’s burning down just a month after my move, I’m lamenting the terrible Rhode Island Home Depot being the closest hardware store to me.

  • Will miss them being two blocks away from me. No doubt another really disappointing restaurant (like the others on that block) will take their place.

    • Why all the hate for Stoney’s, Tortilla Coast, Commissary, and Logan Tavern? Not enough small plates for you?

      • Commissary is the only decent one yo ulisted

        • I’ve only been to Logan Tavern once, but the food was good and the service was excellent. Tortilla Coast is good for what it is. Don’t get the hate either.

        • justinbc

          +1 I did enjoy the fact you could get breakfast all day at Commissary, and that it could always be done relatively cheap. Logan Tavern served some of the worst food I’ve ever had, Stoney’s is just bar food (so while not bad, it’s nothing to rave about either). I thought Tortilla Coast was decent, some items good and others a fail. They do at least have good queso.

        • My friend and I both got food poisoning after dinner at Tortilla Coast.

        • Commissary is the worst of the generic bunch.

          Stoney’s, on the other hand, makes a hell of an affordably-priced grilled cheese.

      • Not to jump on the bandwagon, but Logan Tavern is overpriced and nothing special, Tortilla Coast is also overpriced for what you get (which is mediocre at best), and Stoney’s is fine but regular bar food. Commissary is a good value though and the one place on that block I go to occasionally.

        • The one time I went to Logan Tavern, a giant roach fell into my friend’s water glass. I shudder just thinking about it. They apologized, but didn’t seem that worried about it. Never went back again.

          • Most people eat at Logan Tavern once and never go back again. Terrible food and angry service generally doesn’t warrant a return visit.

      • Commissary and Logan Tavern are indistinguishable from each other.

      • Hmm … not wanting to be a hater, but when it comes to Tortilla Coast, I guess I am. It is infuriating that a restaurant in such a prime spot is so consistently terrible: indifferent to rude hosts/wait staff, overpriced/mediocre food (I’m happy to pay these prices at el Centro), and weak (again overpriced) drinks. The fact this place is so consistently empty at this prime spot says a lot. Re: the other restaurants on this block — maybe not fine dining, but all good additions for what they are. And, back to topic: I’m sad to see Logan Hardware moving from right in my back yard, but so happy for their success — they deserve it.

        • figby

          Tortilla Coast is like a restaurant at the airport. The only good thing to say about that place is you can always get a table (since no one eats there).

          I like that Commissary is pretty low-key. The Barcelona-Diplomate-Pearl Dive fabulosity of 14th is a little unnerving on a weeknight.

        • To me, Logan Tavern, Commissary, and Tortilla Coast sadly all grouped together on P street are by far the worst restaurants in the entire P street, 14th street, U street restaurant groups. Stoney’s is gross bar food, there’s nothing to hate about it. They do bar food pretty well.

    • leftcoastsouthpaw

      I think Stoneys does a great job of filling a niche that is needed in the area. I just sometimes want a local bar with good grub. Mission accomplished in my book.

      I’ll say I hated Tortilla Coast when it first opened, but I went back recently and was pleasantly surprised.

      • I honestly don’t get all the hate for Tortilla Coast. I’ve consistently found the food to be good and reasonably priced. It is certainly an upgrade over a place like Alero in CH — which is over priced serves ridiculously small portions. The restaurants on P street are some of the few options around 14th street where you can get a decent meal and not pay an arm and a leg. Also, the happy hour at Commissary is a great deal. Having recently moved to Brookland I would love to have some places like that here.

  • I’m bummed that I won’t be able to run into the hardware store before shopping at Whole Foods.

  • I love this Point Chaud! This is my Saturday morning go-to for coffee! But, I’m also glad to see Logan Hardware expanding their space. I liked the location they are in now, but it must mean their doing well to afford new rents on 14th Street. A good/friendly neighborhood hardware store is the best, and Logan Hardware is just that.

  • We go to Logan Hardware regularly — and will continue to do so at the new location. I wonder if the new space will feature the sort of labyrinthine floor plans that currently distinguish the P Street location, where knowing what floor each department is on is a real accomplishment. Nevertheless, we will miss Point Chaud, which was a pleasant space for an inexpensive coffee, tea, or snack.

  • Damn! I loved my three stop hop… Logan Hardware, CVS, Whole Foods.. BAM!

  • AW! I love having Logan Hardware on my quick P Street rounds… but we’ll still go to their new location. I love how they make you feel like neighbors. They are always kind, have given me tons of advice on general home things, and are always happy to see my puppy.

  • Aww i will miss having Logan Hardware in a conveninet location. They should rename it “U Street Hardware” or “14th Street Hardware” as they are close to serving a different neighbhorhood now.

    As for their customer service, yes they are all super friendly and most are helpful but i swear i get a different answer from each salesman. Some just make up bullsh*t to sound helpful. Feel free to test them with a question and see how many different solutions you get…all with a friendly smile of course. The cashier is a hoot though.

  • I hope that the crepes place stays open and the hardware store just takes over the top floors of that building. I do love Point Chaud.

    • Point Chaud got another location on 14th street between K & L, I will still go there on Sat & Sun it’s just few blocks from the one closing down

  • I have know the owners for years. They locked into a longterm lease on P St when rent was resonable. They understood they would have to move when the lease was up because the building owners where going to raise the rent substantially. I am happy they found an alternative because it was not a given that they would be able to afford to stay in the neighborhood.

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