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  • gotryit

    I like this place more and more. Now I just need am excuse for a growler.

  • Very cool. Does anyone know if you have to use the same growler or can you take a growler you bought somewhere else and fill it at another place?

  • Wasn’t Lion’s planning on opening a Korean restaurant next door? Any word on whether/when that is happening?

  • Kegs please

  • orderedchaos

    Excellent! I like that place already, and this growler station will make me a more frequent visitor.

  • How much are they selling the growlers for? I was really excited when the Yes! Organic Market on Georgia and Taylor started selling growlers, but over there it’s actually cheaper to just get a 6-pack.

    • It seems like this is true at the majority of places that sell growlers. You pay for draft freshness, I guess. Plus, you’re usually only getting 64 oz. of beer in a growler as opposed to the 72 oz. in a normal six-pack.

  • You’re also getting beer that’s not in bottles/cans in most cases (if you’re not its a questionable purchase). D’vines has good pricing

  • Any word on the prices? And since this system appears to use a single spigot to dispense many beers, is there a cycle that cleans the line before dispensing beer? Contaminating one beer with another could really mess it up.

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