Kochix – Korean Chicken Bar Replaces Lunch Yaki (formerly Arthur Treachers)

4th and Florida Avenue, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Doesn’t look like Lunch Yaki lasted very long. They opened back in early August and have already changed concepts.

I walked by earlier today and the Lunch Yaki sign has been replaced by a new Korean chicken wing spot named “KOCHIX.” Looks like they’re back to serving bibimbap, bulgogi, and a random assortment of steak and burger subs and fried fish and shrimp, in addition to the selection of Korean chicken wings.”


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  • With a name like “Lunch Yaki” I’m not surprised that it didn’t last. What’s next….”Dinner Pukey”

  • I ate at this place when it was AT, largely out of curiosity. I was much more interested in the Korean food than the AT fish, but tried both and they were fine, neither were bad nor great. I really liked how nice and professional the owners were — running a very clean and well-managed place so, I’m glad to see they are still in business. However, I’m put off by the fast-food vibe I get and the mediocrity of the food. If they’re going for a fast food feel, they’ve achieved it. If they focused on Korean (rather than burgers and fried fish) and made it really well, I’d be there a few times a week. As is, I’m skipping it.

    • “If they focused on Korean (rather than burgers and fried fish) and made it really well, I’d be there a few times a week.”
      Exactly. I had the bulgogi when it was AT and it was nothing special. I used to live in Mt. Pleasant and loved Adam Express. I wish they’d model themselves after that.

  • I tried to eat at the Lunch Yaki on several occasions, but they were closed each time I went. Let’s hope they do a bit better with this one.

  • The thing I’ve missed the most about the summer I spent in Seoul has to be the cheeseburger subs. You can be sure I’ll be taking advantage of this opportunity to hopefully get an authentic Korean cheeseburger sub in DC.

  • ledroittiger

    Had the wings there this weekend and they were very good. Not Honey Pig good, but pretty damn close for a place inside the city.

    • ledroittiger

      I would add that the bulgogi was not very good. I had eaten here when it was an AT and the bulgogi sub wasn’t great either.

      Also weird how they just reopened as Kochix and their branded menu inside has already increased its prices using stickers to cover the old ones. There is a major price difference between the Korean food and the regular fast food stuff as well.

      • Koreans are if nothing unoriginal. They are always looking to jump on the bandwagon to make a dolla dolla bill yall. And I say that as a Korean American. My guess is the Lunch Yaki was not working out, so they went with the chicken wings route a la Bonchon not Honey Pig. And the American stuff is always going to be on there because, quite frankly, Koreans still cater to the Longtime Resident crowd as well.

  • Looks like a re-branding of what was always a strange combination of stuff. The food wasn’t very good when I tried it – very ho-hum and bland. The people who work there are nice and mean well, but the execution just isn’t there.

  • I’ve thought many times about when Jerry Seinfeld convinces Apu, or whever his name was, to change his diner to an all-Pakistani restaurant, and it bombs, cause I’ve considered suggesting to the owners of this place that they go Korean upscale (improve the food, make the building nicer by getting rid of the bars and planting some greenery outside), but I’m afraid they’d do it and it would tank. (Whew… major run on sentence.)

    • Babu from the Dream Cafe episode!! Don’t be a very bad man like Jerry.

    • Judging the place by how it looks now, I’d wager that they couldn’t afford to do what you’re suggesting without some hefty loans. Also, by all accounts, it seems that their Korean food was rather mediocre, so that’s probably not a good idea.

  • I tried their wings and it was actually pretty darn good. It tasted more like Kyochon chicken in NY than Bonchon. I think they’re still settling in though cuz place was kinda empty . I haven’t been to this place when it was Yaki or AT but 6 bucks for bulgogi bap is not bad. I’m just glad they’re in the neighborhood, I can grab some korean wings whenever.

  • I tried their wings over the weekend and its actually really good.
    Tasted more authentic than franchise in my opinion. If they renovate and decorate a little, it might work out better than previous menu.

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