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  • justinbc

    Some decent looking suits, and really not all that expensive. Kind of makes you wonder why appointment only? Some people like to look at the quality of the work on display before committing…

    • I was wondering the same thing after seeing the prices. After checking out their website, my guess: It’s a store front for suits built overseas (probably in Asia at those prices). They have multiple ways for you to get your measurements to the company listed on their site. This is just another way – and they don’t have to pay a couple full-time tailors if it’s appointment only.

    • What Timmy said. I’ve gotten a couple suits done by a similar outfit, the suits are built overseas. It is really nice to get to pick every facet of your suit and have it made to your body. Only drawback is, they better get it right the first time or else it kind of turns into a time-eating nightmare. I guarantee you’re already going to be waiting 4-5 weeks to get your suit initially.

    • These are expensive, if going by Asian prices. I can get really good quality suits made in Beijing for $200 each (they were actually $150 in 2009 when I bought – I adjusted for inflation). They are easily making a 100% margin on these.

  • Their FAQ at http://www.knotstandard.com/faq/ says, “Our facilities are located in Asia.”

  • I would love to hear from anyone who has bought a suit from them. How is the quality of the fabric and workmanship? I’ve had great suits made in Asia, so I don’t have a problem with the offshore manufacturing. It can cost ten times as much to have a suit made in the US.

  • Free custom shirt with 30-minute fitting. No brainer. Going on Sunday.

  • This may help: http://www.knotstandard.com/dc tells you how to set up an appointment.

  • Just chiming in here – I’m Matt, the Managing Director of Knot Standard overseeing our DC store (and a DC native, if you count being raised in Alexandria!). We actually offer a few levels of suits, but the emphasis across all of them is on fit (every customer gets a unique pattern, which we create against digital models) and fabric (Italian and English). We have everything from our house fabrics (made in mills in Biella), to the names you’re likely familiar with – Loro Piana, Scabal, VBC, Holland & Sherry, etc. Our manufacturing is actually done across four locations – Brooklyn, Portugal, Dubai, and Hong Kong, because we found different strengths and weaknesses in different locations. For instance, for a hand-made half-canvassed suit in less than 5 weeks and the IT savvy to work off our digital models, it’s hard to beat Hong Kong. For really high-end fabrics (like a $2000+ Zegna silk/wool combination), nothing tops our “old masters” in Dubai and Brooklyn.

    Knot Standard exists primarily to bring custom to the 98% of the US that still buys off the rack – and that’s what we’ve set out to do with the new DC showroom. Don’t just take my word for it, though – stop by and take a look at our suits, our fabrics, and our process. You can schedule anytime at http://www.knotstandard.com/DC, or you can reach me personally at [email protected].

  • It looks like limited fabric choices. I’m not sure how this place will stay in business. Doesn’t seem like a great biz model with having a brick and mortar store. Seems similar to J. Hilburn, but they use reps and don’t have the overhead costs of an actual store, and they have more styles.

  • I saw a link to this story on twitter. I bought a 3-piece suit from Knot Standard when I met them on holiday in Dubai. The sales guy was very knowledgeable and kept in touch as the suit was being made and delivered. I was nervous in-case there were issues when delivered but was told they would cover alterations if needed as long as I then updated my measurements online so no alterations would be needed next time; in the end it fit well. I thought they had a great choice of fabrics and I went for a blue Loro Piana textured fabric and they had the customisation options for linings, button holes, monograms and even putting a quotes under the collar (I work in finance so didn’t go for a quote for a business suit but I did for my 2nd order for parties). I end up wearing out trousers quickly as have oversized cyclist legs so for me it makes sense to buy made to measure where I can get 2 pairs of trousers. I previously bought off the shelf from Zegna and from a tailor in London but going forward I will use these guys as much better value with similar quality. I have ordered a bunch of shirts from them as better priced than off the shelf but for perfect fit bespoke. I put a friend of mine in touch with them and he did everything online using their webcam for body scanning. I was pretty sceptical and had advised him just to use normal measuring and send those in but it turned out great and he has just made his second order. I hope they have a showroom in London at some point and I am a big fan so hope the company does great.

  • The free shirt offer is not just on a custom order. It has to be a suit order. I went all the way up on my lunch break to find this out. Not pleased. And on top of it the stylist who emailed me to find out what I was interested in seeing so he could pull samples wasn’t even there. And the other stylist had no idea I was coming. Not a great first impression

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