Jersey Mike’s Sub Shop Opening in Rhode Island Row Dec. 4th

Storefront RIR
Photo courtesy Rhode Island Row (2300 Washington Place, NE by the Rhode Island Ave Metro)

From a press release:

“On December 4th, Jersey Shore style sub shop Jersey Mike’s will open its first location in the District at Rhode Island Row.

Jersey Mike’s prides itself on providing “not just a sub, but an experience.” Franchise owner Sean Schoonover trained at the original store to deliver the most authentic Jersey experience possible. Their roast beef is trimmed, tied, and cooked in house to medium rare, while their meats and cheeses (which are always sliced to order) are shipped each day along with their bread from their tried-and-true Jersey distributors.

Jersey Mike’s is devoted to giving back to the community, and the new location has teamed up with “Powerful Beyond Measure,” a non-profit organization that focuses on youth development in low-income families. From December 4-8, the store will give away a free sub to customers who donate a dollar or more to PBM with a coupon (30,000 of which will be distributed to the neighborhood during launch week, and which will also be available at”

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  • I’ve had their roast beef twice. It was “medium grey and flavorless” not medium rare.

  • On the subject of sub chains, is Jimmy John’s in Glover Park any closer to opening yet?

  • I haven’t had Jersey Mike’s in a while, since my NC days. From what I remember, it’s very good and I hope that their quality hasn’t dropped off. Def worth a try.

    • justinbc

      It’s at least better than Subway. I would say “very good” definitely depends on what you’re comparing it to.

      • It’s Jersey style. How can it not be good?!?

        • +1 i miss jersey sub shops!

        • It’s not Jersey. “Philly-style steak and cheese” is for idiots.

        • justinbc

          I’m not really sure what Jersey style even means? The description doesn’t really provide anything to differentiate it from any other sub “experience” (I know they carve their meat in-house, I’ve been to one, but I’m pretty sure other states besides NJ do this).

          • Have you had a sub from Jersey? It’s not only better due to the carving of the meat. It’s the oil/vinegar/spice mix (we don’t eat mayo on our hoagies!) and the fresh (but hard) bread.

          • Yeah, like anon said above it’s basically just a matter of having high quality ingredients that go together, and for a reasonable price. I can’t think of any sub place in DC that’s nailed all those points.

  • They’re pretty good, and I got some coupons for free subs when one opened near me. I once made the mistake of getting an Italian sub to go. They put so much vinegar and oil on it, the roll was soggy by the time I got it home.

  • Putting New Jersey in the name of your business is a pretty good way to turn off about half the population and REALLY TURN ON about 3% of the population.

    • The best 3%!
      Seriously though, is the population of NJ expats really that low? Seems like every time I turn around I meet someone from my home state.

      • No way it’s only 3% unless above poster is only including actual DC residents (and not considering surroundings such as College Park). I’m always running into someone that is either from Jersey or has lived in Jersey.

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