It is not known how Long this Sign Lasted before getting Ripped to Shreds


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“A lady waving a smile sign near the farragut north metro this morning”

I’m sorry to admit that if I had I ridden the metro this morning I likely would’ve responded with a few curses…

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  • Today is National Kindness Day…guess you are not participating today?

    Make DC Smile: Our aim is to promote positivity within the Washington, DC metropolitan area and beyond. We encourage others to think about and appreciate the simple things in life, spread acts of kindness and encourage people to step outside of their comfort zone while reflecting on ways they can live a fuller life by engaging in our fun and unique projects. If we can change one person’s outlook on their day or week ahead in a positive way, we have accomplished our mission.

    (I am not with the organization)

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Fuck no, I”m not participating 🙂

    • That’s an awfully ambitious goal. In my experience, of dating a pessimist for five years, it’s nearly impossible to break someone out of negative thinking patterns. It’s certainly not something you can do in a day with a few signs (now I sound like the pessimist– but it’s the truth).

      • You won’t break someone out of negative thinking patterns permanently but you can create a crack that lets a little light in, at least for a few minutes. And maybe that will make them a little more patient when someone accidentally budges them in line at Starbucks a few minutes later. Baby steps.

    • I hate this sort of thing – it actually makes me want to wreak mayhem. And I’m actually a smile at everyone everyday kind of person. I like puppies and daisies and half full glasses (of strong spirits) I just HATE creepy meaningless floggings of artificial cheer. The very idea of a “National Kindness Day” is ridiculous and obscene.

  • houseintherear

    Makes me want to punch somebody in the smiley face.

  • I sure did smile as I gave her the finger.

  • I find it interesting that National Kindness Day falls during National Native American Heritage Month… Very ironic…

  • She was joined by a man who held a sign that said “Don’t be so hard on yourself.” He saw me stopping to take a photo of him and waved and said “It’s National Kindness Day today! Pay it forward!”

    When I first approached the intersection I could only see that it was two people holding signs and I thought, “Ugh, what are people protesting now!” I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

  • Those with negative comments are entitled to your own opinion but you all have reiterated the fact that our city needs a little more positivity and kindness towards one another. Especially on a cold day like today.

    • I have my own way of going about it. Every now and then I’ll leave a dollar bill (sometimes bigger bill) someplace with a note saying “I gave up this dollar to make someone’s day better. Please return the favor and do something kind for someone else.” I think money and anonymity communicate the message better.

  • I love that 75% of the commenters are sharing my curmudgeonly reaction to this.

    • I just plain don’t like it when anyone orders me to smile. Smiling doesn’t make you happy, it makes you a sad person with contracted cheek muscles. The “don’t be so hard on yourself” sign, however, has some merit.

      • Doubly so when it’s a strange man ordering you to smile. You don’t know my life, dude, so don’t presume to police my facial expressions.

      • It’s actually recognized as a form a street harassment. I’ve had enough creepy men order me to smile that it makes me uncomfortable to encounter even a non-threatening person doing it.

      • I seem to recall a study saying that smiling (indepent of one’s prior mood) DID improve one’s mood. Behavior impacts mind, not only the other way aroun

        • It’s true. Your body can trick your brain and vice versa. I know “trick” isn’t the right word….but for example if you start to breathe quickly with shallow breaths, you may well start to feel anxious even if there is nothing anxiety producing in your environment.

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