“I am generally not a religious man, but this guy is blessed”


On Sunday night @DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“Shooting in the 300 block of Adams Street, NE @2020 hours. No Lookout.”

Washington Post reports the incredible details:

It [the bullet] pierced the pocket of his hooded sweatshirt and bored into his wallet, going through his diver’s license, a bank card and a folded $10 bill. It struck five more cards and broke partway through the wallet’s cover, shattering the glass front of his smartphone.

“I am generally not a religious man, but this guy is blessed,” said D.C. Police Cmdr. Andrew Solberg, a 26-year veteran who heads the 5th District station, covering the area where Harris lives. “I want to go over and touch this man’s hand or clip off a lock of his hair. I want to rub him and feel some magic.”

You can see a photo of the wallet that saved the man’s life here.

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  • OK, I’ll be the skunk at this gardern party. This story in the Post is a perfect example of everything that is wrong in this city when it comes to crime. The whole article reads like an episode of “Touched By An Angel,” a heartwarming tale of a man who is miraculously saved by his wallet, as opposed to the actual story – random shootings, bullets flying all over the place and striking innocent bystanders, and the police still can’t stop it and are completely clueless about who the perps may be. I would like to think I have enough crap in my wallet to keep a stray bullet out of my ass, but I sure as hell would rather rely on the police and city officials stopping the shootings from happening in the first place.

  • If he was so “blessed” why did someone shoot at him?

    • justinbc

      I was thinking the same thing. People always use that saying to describe someone who narrowly escaped death, forgetting the fact of the situation they were actually in to begin with. I would rather not be blessed, and have my wallet, phone, sweatshirt, and body intact.

  • This wallet’s defective. It’s springing a leak.

    He hate this wallet. Stay away from the wallet!

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