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  • I lived there for a year when I first moved to DC. According to the owner, the house once was a rectory for the orphanage next door (now Bishops Gate). It was a great first apartment—and my Craigslist roommates are now some of my closest friends—but, man, that places is a structural train wreck. We lived in the basement and the ceilings and walls were constantly peeling and bubbling due to leaking water and creeping mold. It was pretty gross.

  • Does anyone know the story of this place? It is beautiful. Is it condos? Just rentals? All owned by one person? I daydream about living in this place.

  • It’s currently a vacation rental – here is a look at the inside.


  • That vine is Virgina Creeper.

  • A vacation rental? Wow. I’ve walked by that building so many times wondering what it was and what its interior must look like. Awesome exterior and beautifully done interior. I’d love to see the view from that roofdeck! Thanks for sharing the link!

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