Good Deal or Not? “total gut renovation” edition

1618 F Street Northeast

This house is located at 1618 F Street, Northeast:


The listing says:

“Gorgeous total gut renovation just blocks from all the hot spots on H Street! Incredible chef~s kitchen with GE Stainless Steel appliances, marble countertops and french doors leading to a back deck with parking below. Gleaming hardwood floors throughout, washer/dryer upstairs, finished lower level with separate bed, bath and living area. Incredible value just steps from the new trolly.”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 3 bed/3 bath is going for $499,900.

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  • justinbc

    It’s not unattractive, and certainly affordable. Tile in a bedroom is a bit weird though.

    • I think it’s because that “bedroom” is on the basement level and they’re worried about dampness. It does look like a nice renovation and it’s a good price for the amount of space. It’ll be a pretty good deal for a buyer who likes/doesn’t mind the neighborhood (it’s not close to a metro and the schools aren’t great) but I think it’ll sell for more like $475. It’s really more of a 2br unless you have a nanny, teenager, etc….for a little kid, sleeping 2 floors away from parents is less than ideal.

  • I’m just really glad they went with subway tile instead of that hideously crazy busy backsplash that so many fippers use. Subway tile looks way better and won’t look dated in three years.

    • Agreed. I love the color they chose – it looks great! But spending half a mil to live in that ‘hood still gives me great pause.

  • I don’t know that part of town well, but that looks like a decent deal. The house is certainly nice enough despite the open floor plan.

  • It’s a nice gut, but let’s be honest- it is a two bedroom , not a three. You can’t count basement areas as finished.. It has only 884 sq foot finished, and the basement adds another 442.. So really, you are paying $565 a square foot.. Realtors know this, but often try to trick unsuspecting buyers.

    It’s cute, but you’d be better off buying a condo for the price per square footage.

    • “You can’t count basement areas as finished..” – In what world?? Of course you can – it’s not tricking unsuspecting buyers at all to say that the total finished sq includes the basement area. A nicely finished basement can often times be nicer than some of the upper floors.
      BTW, nice photography in the virtual tour.

      • justinbc

        You’re not supposed to list it in the square footage of the property, because it skews comparisons. I agree that they can be very nice in some cases, and it made it a real PITA for us when we were searching because many agents would list it, while many others wouldn’t.

    • Unless you dont want to pay hundreds of dollars a month on condo fees that you cant write off your taxes. And condos do not appreciate like homes. Oh, and they are the first to crash….

    • Normally you can’t call a basement room a bedroom because it needs to have two points of egress, and those tiny basement windows don’t count as egress. But this bedroom has two doors, so I think it would meet the requirements for a bedroom right?

  • Wow, I really like this one. Looks like a nice renovation without a lot of unnecessary or faddish design choices. Seems like a good buy, but if the buyer is planning to commute by “trolly,” it might be a long wait at the station.

  • That is definitely a good deal considering other flipped houses a few blocks away have gone for over $700k – but this neighborhood is definitely block by block (I live 3 blocks from this house), so I’d want to visit at night and meet some neighbors before I moved in.

  • As others have stated, this is a 2 BR. I’m not sure how they get away with listing it as a 3 BR, no matter how nice the basement is.

    That said, it looks like a nice flip and I think it’s priced well. Rosedale is a great little neighborhood and this is very close to the new recreation center. It’s not Capitol Hill but if you walk 1.5 blocks east houses are $700K + just for being beyond that 15th street boundary.

    It’s hard to imagine getting this much for less anywhere near that location. Looks like a good deal.

  • I live a few blocks from here, so I know the area well. $500K is the going price, but this one is a tad too close to Azeeze Bates for my comfort….lolz on the trolley…..

  • Having lived in this area, it’s somewhat insane that $500K is now considered a good deal. To me, it’s just an ok renovation. Another bowling alley with no character and zero backyard. The parking space isn’t even gated, and you’d need it for security here.

  • Very nice, and a good deal. Kingman Park is rapidly improving.

  • Price is about right for that neighborhood I think and I assume it will sell relatively fast. A big cold and too open space for me though. I will say that a bedroom in a basement may be a bit of an issue and could be awkward depending on the number of people moving in – meaning do the parents want to be separated from any of the kids or is it just a guest room.

    • On the other hand, it would be great for renting out to a roommate for extra income. You’d still have to share the kitchen but otherwise it’s mostly separate.

  • Does the window to the mudroom make that basement count? Either way, the basement would be great as a guest bedroom or office space or a media room, or whatever. Comparing this house to an 880 square foot condo with two bedrooms is obviously missing the mark.

  • Frankly, I think it is priced just right. It is redone well, and bigger than many houses in Rosedale. the basement bedroom makes a great guest room. The space is well maximized. I live 2 blocks away and know many of the people on that street. The neighbors on either side are wonderful. As a single woman, I have felt completely comfortable walking around at night. It is just 3 blocks from the heart of H street. And yes we await the trolly that should come early next year. That said, it is ward 6 parking, so you can drive your car and use resident parking by the stadium armory metro. It is 3 minute drive up 17th street to Stadium Armory, blue or orange line.

    I am not sure you can find any home (ie not condo) re-done for less close to ammenities. And remember, with condos there are large condo fees. Not to mention this house and neighborhood will clearly gain in value.

  • I get that open floor plans are the thing right now but, sheesh, that’s just one big generic room. Also, I imagine that house is a lot more narrow than it photographs. Not crazy about the tile in that one bathroom. The outside is nice, same color I used on my house.

    Is that actually the going price for that neighborhood?

    • It is the going price I think – at least for now.
      I wonder if today’s 600 H St Whole Foods news takes this from being an “ok deal” to a get in while you can under 500K.

      • Your kidding about the WF in 2016 over 13 blocks away right?

        • Doesn’t the 2016 WF plan at least add to the overall sense of permanent revitalization of the H-St. corridor. This house is just about a mile away and if property values are likely to rise within 1/2 mile of the WF isn’t there likely to be some trickle down (or trickle east) impact? I’m not saying that a plan for a WF in 2016 for a house 13 blocks away should be the deciding factor on whether you spend $1/2M on this house — i’m just saying that kind of news doesn’t hurt the “good deal” argument.

          • Permanent as opposed to temporary? It’s over a mile away in a not so large city that’s all.

            If we start making those claims in other neighborhoods for any grocer or development it would be somewhat silly.

            Your point of the news not hurting the “good deal” argument is valid since most new development doesn’t hurt the economic situation of a transitioning neighborhood.

  • Ground floor storage room is nice, but not sure I feel very secure with only glass french doors separating my stuff from an alley with no fence in this neighborhood

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