Good Deal or Not? “the world’s premiere subdivision!” edition

657 South Carolina_ave_se

This house is located at 657 South Carolina Ave, SE:


The listing says:

“”Estate Sale” Nothing is finer than 657 S.Carolina… so bring you Buyer with vision to the world’s premiere subdivision! Capitol Hill is an ideal place to love, live & work at an urban pace. You can see Eastern Market Metro from your door, turn left or right and there is so much more…A stately 3lvl federal w/3BR,2BA,4FP and architectural details galore!”

Unfortunately no interior photos are available but assuming the inside needs a lot of work – what would be a realistic price?

This 4 bed/2 bath is going for $659,000.

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  • It looks really nice from the outside, but for that price? It must be a gut job inside. If it were in good condition it would go for close to a million, easily.

    • This is almost exactly what I was going to say myself! I’ve seen other places near EM go for $800k-1M, so, yeah, must have major problems inside but a $100k reno would probably fix it so either way, it’s probably a really good deal. Somebody call the Property Brothers!

    • Walked through it today. Entirely a hot mess.
      The floors slope, there will need to be environmental remediation for the mold that I could smell, and the floor plan… not good for how narrow the house is. And yes, definitely lead paint under… everything.
      The “kitchen” is in the basement with very low ceilings. The staircases are barely shoulder width wide.
      There’s a reason there are no inside pics.
      This will be a gut job.
      With no chance for off street parking (no alley), and the tiny & narrow footprint, it is hugely overpriced for something that has structural issues. It needs to be not only torn down to the brick, but also needs the basement dug out, and replacement all of the joists, too.

  • Either 1) a severe asbestos, lead and mold problem inside or 2) the deal of the decade.

    • Yup, exactly. I live around the corner (in a house that was a great deal, with one fewer bedroom, that cost $115k more in 2011, and is worth over $900k today) so I might check out the open house out of curiosity.

    • or maybe 3) It doesn’t go very far back and the back 1/3 is even narrower to provide windows to the interior, so its actually smaller than it is appears.

      Also, is it 3BR or 4? It says both.
      What is the layout? If we assume the first and second floor have the bathrooms, are all the bedrooms on the second floor and the basement is unfinished? Or is there a bedroom in the basement but you have to go upstairs to use a bathroom?

      • I’m guessing it’s a combination of both. About 5 years ago I went to a very crowded open house for a property nearby (just east of Lincoln Park). Even if it needed work (and boy, did it) it would have been a great deal for the list price of $589k. But the layout was also terrible.

  • I used to walk that block of South Carolina all the time. I used to dream of owning one of those houses. Still can’t afford it. Beautiful homes on that side of the block, so close to metro, Eastern Market, gelato (priorities).

    • It really is a great place to live. I’m grateful every day that my girlfriend and I were able to afford a house there.

  • I’d leave it as is and rent out every room, closet, and corner and make a killing on monthly cashflow.

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