Good Deal or Not? “straight from the pages of a magazine” edition (reader request)

1728 6th st nw

This house is located at 1728 6th Street, NW:


The listing says:

“Fabulously finished townhouse that is straight from the pages of a magazine. BIG SPACE both inside and out. TWO BIG Master Bedrooms ++ Den/THIRD bedroom. BIG Back Yard. BIG Parking and BIG Double Decks (up and down)! 2.5 Baths. REAL Hardwood Floors throughout! TWO CAR PARKING! ONE Block to Metro! Vacant & on Sentri-Lock”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2.5 bath is going for $899,000.

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  • I’d love it if this house was worth that, because then my house would be worth well over $1M. But somehow, I don’t think so. Good to know how BIG everything is, though.

    • Ditto. If this sells for 900k, then it looks like it is time to put my place on the market for at least 1.5mil!

  • What lousy pictures.

  • Nice but nothing special and overpriced for the neighborhood.

  • Won’t sell for $900K. Promise.

  • Sooo…67% higher than it sold 4.5 years ago, and it hasn’t been renovated or updated since. Good luck.

    You have 920 Westminster (2 blocks away in the “good” direction) which sold 5 months for $426/sf and is a gorgeous house and this truely pedestrian POS is listed at 900K. GTFOH!

    Even in the frothiest of real estate markets, you would be paying top dollar at ~750K, this is just heinous, not to say there isn’t someone out there with more money than brains who will pay for it and then wonder why when “boomtown” fizzles, his/her house is worth 30% less than it was 3 years prior. Ever hear of the real estate term “catching the falling knife”? If someone buys this place for anywhere near asking, they will be catching the falling chainsaw.

  • I’m sorry but I just don’t see it. Of course buyers seem to prove me wrong.

  • i want to see a good deal or not on this!

  • I’ll admit its aggressively priced, but earlier sales were before the Giant opened. The Giant has to add at least $40 psf, maybe $100.

    • You must be a realtor. The opening if a grocery store in a stabby/shoots place doesn’t increase the value of real estate 25% overnight. And let’s be honest, everything that’s been sold the past year in that neighborhood was already pricing that store in.

    • Who would buy this when they could buy the brand new 3000 square foot 5 bed house at 5th and S for 950k? This place is insanely overpriced.

  • Am I the only one who finds that bay window disturbing? It does not look like it was part of the original house but was smacked onto the facade as an afterthought. It’s too big, or maybe it’s too small, or it sticks out too much, or the roof is too flat, I don’t know what it is, but something’s just not right. Not one of the houses on that side of the street has a bay window, which hints that it was added (clumsily) sometime after those houses were built. By contrast, in the row across the street many houses have more-proportionate and natural looking bay windows that seem an integral part of the design.

    As for the price, nothing surprises me anymore. Washington is too full of people with too much money and here for too short a time to know how to buy a house in this market. Sure, this property costs too much, but I’m astounded all the time at what sells and for how much.

  • Yeah, this is a 700K house with skylights, imo. Can’t wait to see what it goes for.

  • justinbc

    I’m not sure what magazine this would appear in, other than “How Not to Stage a House”.

  • There is nothing “fabulous” about this house, nor is there anything in this neighborhood that would make me spend anywhere near $900K. Ridiculous.

  • Typed the house into Zillow–it valued it at $740,000. That sounds about right to me–$900,000 if the house was eight blocks east, maybe. I love what Shaw is becoming, but it’s not in the million-dollars-for-a-two-bedroom class yet.

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