Good Deal or Not? “Rare opportunity in Mount Pleasant” edition

3223 Walbridge Place Northwest

This house is located at 3223 Walbridge Place, Northwest:


The listing says:

“Rare opportunity in Mount Pleasant! Beautiful 4 bed/2.5 bath Colonial with hardwood floors, gas fireplace, updated kitchen with granite counter tops, built-in bookshelves, back patio, fireplace and two car parking. Finished basement was an in-home theater and retains full built-in surround sound system. Classic Wardman front porch on tree-lined street!”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 4 bed/2.5 bath is going for $849,000.

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  • One of the best blocks in all DC!!!

  • A colonial Wardman–rare beast, indeed.

  • Not sure what is colonial about that house, but it’s nicely done. Will be interesting to see if it fetches that price.

  • Looks pretty nice, but I think it’s so sloppy when the refrigerator has to be in a different room due to poor use of space. If they redid the kitchen, why not reconfigure it so it fits properly?

    • I thought the kitchen reno looked like somebody forgot the refrigerator entirely! It’s on the back porch, haha!

    • And it drives me nuts when the fridge door swings the wrong way. You practically have to go outside to get anything out of it!

      • It’s so easy to fix, too. I’m not sure why they didn’t take the time. As far as I know, every refrigerator sold these days has reversible doors.

  • The realtor is probably just a moron (you didn’t have social studies beginning in first grade and continuing for the entirety of your education that taught you what colonial was?), rather than doing something malicious here. But isn’t it amazing that an $850,000 transaction will likely follow from an advertisement with a blatant falsehood, and there will be no consequences?

    • Yeah, you’d think that someone whose job is to be a local real estate expert would know the difference. Sheesh. What again are these people paid for? Houses like these in Mt. P practically sell themselves.

    • Or it’s, you know, maybe Colonial Revival style which was prolific late 19th century to first third 20th century in DC.

      • except this is not an example of Colonial Revival style, either.

        • I was told, and I did a very brief google search of colonial revival dc because I was skeptical, that the Wardman type house was in fact lumped in with Colonial Revival. There do seem to be some photos of houses like this one pictured in my search results, although, it is true, by and large the pictures are of the Georgian looking type. I don’t really care one way or the other, but the original post was a bit much.

          • In my head, my original post was jocular in tone, not scathing. The initial observation remains that I’m amazed it’s okay for realtors to say more-or-less anything en route to an $850,000 transaction.

    • “you didn’t have social studies beginning in first grade and continuing for the entirety of your education that taught you what colonial was?”

      That’s a pretty nasty remark.

  • It was just reduced by $50,000 to the current price shown here. It has been on the market a month — a lifetime in the Mt. Pleasant market — which probably indicates it was/is overpriced.

  • Is there no central A/C? I don’t see any vents or am I missing them in the pics?

  • This market is nuts. When I moved to Mt. Pleasant 10 years ago, a house like this would fetch about half this. The house in which I rented a basement apartment back then had sold for almost this much in 2002, and it was a 4-story, 8-bedroom, complete gut job.

  • This thread has taken a pretty aggresive turn. Aren’t we supposed to be talking about the value of the house? Not the character or the Realtor?

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