Good Deal or Not? “Location meets sophistication” edition (reader request)


This house is located at 616 M St, Northeast:


The listing says:

“City living at it’s finest. Location meets sophistication in this tastefully renovated 3 level bay front Grand Victorian. Prominent corner lot will be gated. .. .280 degrees of windows. Fea/ include a total of 5br 3.5ba w/ smart home tech, espd’ brick, office, gour kit, outside courtyard & garden, spa bath w/ priv balc. Legal sep 2br/1ba w/ C of O.”

You can see more photos here.

This 5 bed/3.5 bath is going for $950,000.

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  • justinbc

    Watched this place undergo some serious construction over the course of the year since it was bought in December 2012 (for 430K). They initially listed it at $1.1M, then $1M, and I guess now have dropped again. It’s nice to have such a big rental unit built in, and the finished work isn’t TOO cookie-cutter, but it just doesn’t wow as a million dollar home this far north. With this place being right in between Union Market and the newly announced Whole Foods though it’s well positioned for long term growth.

    • I’ve also watched the renovation take place over the past several months and would have to say this is not a good deal compared to comps. There is virtually no livable space in the rental or main floor and for some reason they still haven’t completed the patio area. Plus there’s no parking.

  • epric002

    meh. not impressed. seems like pretty basic/cheap finishes you see in a lot of flip jobs.

  • Lots of square footage but the unusual floorplan leaves lots of wasted space. Some really cool work done in the rounded turret, but all the fixtures look like they are straight out of the 1980s (despite being brand new).
    Honestly, I think this place would have been better if broken up into condos. Sell 3 decent size condos for $325-400K each depending on the floor and they would have flied off the market in a matter of days.

  • I don’t like it. I think It’s just too sterile and looks like a 2005 Home Depot renovation. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it just doesn’t seem to command 1 million dollars.

  • Strange layout = lots of wasted space.

  • janie4

    No tub upstairs is odd – they’ve got one in the rental unit, but both the upstairs baths were showers. That would be a dealbreaker for me.

    • Is that because you have kids or because you like taking baths? I’m genuinely curious. Our house has two bathrooms with tubs upstairs, but we want to change one to be a walk-in glass shower. We’d leave one a tub (probably change it out for a claw foot).
      Would you rather the tub be in the master bath or the hall bath? I was thinking hall bath since most people probably use it for their kids.

      • Yeah, our only full bath has a tub and we really want to swap it out for a walk in shower.

      • The rule of thumb is that you should have one bath tub in a house (I learned this house hunting & selling). The consideration is women buyers not kids (this is what realtors tell me; I don’t know women who’ve found lack of a tub to be a deal breaker). Personally, my impression is that people like having a tub but rarely use it as anything other than a shower.

  • Is it just me, or are all the rooms tiny?

    • The main floor kitchen and dining/living area seem small. The turret rooms probably are, too. I was more taken, though by the narrow hallways and the shower next to the patio.

      A friend who owned a Victorian in this area never got used to having a lot of small rooms–they were difficult to use and furnish.

  • Cheapest Toilet seat Ever

  • I think it’s odd to have a balcony off of a bathroom – I mean, are you going to step out on the balcony to air dry after a shower? Another pet peeve of mine is the placement of electrical panels – I know they need to be accessible, but if you are going to slap it on the middle of a wall in the middle of the living space, at least paint it to match the wall…

    • The builder/flipper can’t paint the panel – building code violation. The buyer could paint it if desired.

      • Interesting! Didn’t know that, but it certainly explains why all these flipped houses have panels sticking out like sore thumbs.

  • I may be confusing this house with another one, but wasn’t it essentially an abandoned shell not more than a few years ago? If so the pace of DC gentrification is stunning.

    • This house has been under construction for over a year and was previously multiple rental units that, suspiciously, had an alarming amount of people constantly coming and going. It’s leaps and bounds from where it started!

  • Uh-oh, a chopped up house with small, funny-shaped rooms. What do you use for a living room?

    Regarding the bathtub discussion, no tub would be a deal-breaker for me because I mostly take baths (used to live in a group house that only had a tub, so that’s what i got used to).

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