Good Deal or Not? “Fine craftsmanship!” edition (reader request)

135 11th St SE

This house is located at 135 11th Street, SE:


The listing says:

“STUNNING 3BR/2.5BA Capitol Hill home. Fine craftsmanship! Unique offering pairs traditional period charm w/ contemporary design. Renovated w luxury finishes + custom features. Hardwood floors + soaring ceilings. Master BR w/ sitting rm, walnut built in closets, + en suite spa-like BA. Walk-out bsmt with custom cabinetry. Blocks to Eastern Market + Barracks Row.”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $899,900.

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  • those people have incredibly good taste.

    • Agreed, I went through the pictures (for the third time) and thought maaaan those people are some cool ……
      Great taste – really well done finishes and decor. The uber cool understated nursery would also suggest that their kids will inherit the cool factor. love it.

  • I’m opening myself up to the relentless Popville criticism with this comment, but this is the house I would one day like to make for myself. The finishings and decor are spot on. Big fan of the brick enclosed courtyard even if one feels crowded by the walls on either side. Tile in the kitchen… perfect.

    Pricewise – on the surface it looks overpriced, but I can’t speak for sq footage analysis in this neighborhood. This house is unique.

    • $417/foot isn’t bad at all in this very nice part of Cap Hill. Also the quality of the finishings are superb.

    • Nobody else thought the kitchen tile looked like Metro tile?

      • I totally did! It would skeev me out to feel like I was cooking at Farragut West!! Or as someone else pointed out, a McDonald’s that hasn’t been remodeled since the late 70s.

  • Ok I really love it

  • I could never afford it, but if I could I would buy it in a heartbeat. Change out the furniture for my own and repaint here and there for taste and this place could be exactly what I wanted with a weekend’s worth of work. I also like having the washer/dryer in the master suite. That would probably eliminate my own biggest problem, which is getting folded laundry back upstairs and into the closet!

  • I like the look of it and all the built ins but the layout wouldn’t work for me. The only bathroom on the bedroom level is at the back of the master bedroom, so if you actually use that second bedroom as a bedroom, that person has to go to the basement to take a shower. And then if the family room/bedroom is also used as a bedroom then that 2nd bedroom person can’t access a bathroom without going through someone’s bedroom.

    But I agree that I would love to live in a house that looks like this.

    • +1. I think people are mostly responding the furnishings, which won’t convey. The layout of the bathrooms and the kitchen are actually pretty bad. Like, dealbreaker bad.

    • +2 Terrible layout.

    • yes. i did a homestay in belgium with a woman whose house was like this. 1.5 bathrooms- the only full one was part of the master suite which meant awkwardly bathing around her schedule (like the fact that i got up earlier than her meant no morning showers) and the 1/5 bath was dowstairs so i had to go down the hallway and flights of narrow steps if i had to pee in the night.

      this kind of situation might be great when it’s a family or couple so there’s no question of bathroom sharing, but otherwise it’s a big pain. people don’t realize how frustrating that layout can be til they live it.

  • epric002

    a touch modern for my tastes, but overall i love it. very nicely done.

  • i hate that the fridge isnt in the kitchen but otherwise its great!

    • I thought that too at first, but if you look closely it is. That thing that looks like a fridge in the living room (or dining room?) is just a wardrobe.

      • Actually on second thought, it looks like the sink and fridge are in the separate section than where the stove is. It’s chopped up very strangely. I would absolutely hate that if I’m seeing it correctly.

    • epric002

      what do you mean? it’s right across from the sink.

      • Yeah, but the sink and the fridge are seperate from the range. And there is no hood.

        I LOVE the house, except for the kitchen, which I think could be better organized.

  • the kitchen tile looks like old fast food restaurant tile

  • this house is GORGEOUS and AMAZING. if i had that kind of money, i would be running to cap hill now to buy it.

  • Nice. IN this context I even sort of like the features I don’t like (honeycomb tile in the kitchen, rustic shelving in kitchen and along the bedroom wall, bathroom wallpaper).

  • This is really nice, but it doesn’t have parking, which is really important to me.

    • Not important to most buyers in this neighborhood though.

      • justinbc

        Yeah, it’s somewhat of a non-issue around here, unless you’re driving a Porsche or something and don’t want it scratched.

        • You could probably put a doorway into that brick wall and park it on your patio.

          • i wonder about the two separate front doors, and the fact that the basement doesn’t have a front access. it seems like their remodel job might have removed front-of-house access to the basement, thus turning what could have been a rentable english garden apartment into just another room that they are now forced to call a guest or in-law suite. sure it has a separate entrance at the back, but that’s not really the same. i could be totally wrong, but the two front doors just seem very odd

          • justinbc

            If the poster below is correct and the ceiling height in the basement is only 6 feet then it’s unlikely it could have been used as a rental. (I don’t think that’s legal height.) Besides, not everyone wants to rent out part of their house, some of us like to use the whole thing.

    • austindc

      I think I saw parking for four sexy sexy bikes, which is twice as good as my current parking situation. How do they keep the tires from scuffing the white walls? Some sort of witchcraft?

  • Really nice house, but it would be hugely problematic for me that the stove is basically in a different room from the fridge and sink. And that is really my only complaint. DEAL!

  • Ha, I always wondered what was behind that courtyard wall! I’ll be the lone dissenter and say I don’t care much for the design. The kitchen looks tight, the aforementioned courtyard wall is not a welcoming thing to walk up to, the living and dining rooms seem awkward, and the wood cabinetry in the master bedroom looks too much like 1970’s paneling. But the location’s fantastic and it’s a good price.

    • I agree with everything you said. I adore the wood floors and that’s about it. The kitchen is a hot mess. The sink and fridge are in a separate room, there are very few upper cabinets. Everything else is too modern for my taste.

    • I’m going to agree with you here, contrary to most of the commenters so far. From the pictures this house looks very cold and uninviting to me. The layout seems weird and I’d have to work real hard to imagine it filled with things I like instead of what’s currently there.

    • justinbc

      “not welcoming to walk up to”, but once you’re inside it you’ve got your own little private patio. I think that’s pretty sweet. Also, those closets are really high end custom made pieces.

      • Yeah, I could see the patio being nice in warmer months if you have a lot of plants and keep them hydrated. And you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing the patio furniture! Still, it feels very un-neighborly to me. Sitting out front and people/dog watching is one of my favorite parts of living in Capitol Hill.

  • They will probably get at least that much for it, but… other than the courtyard and the master bath? Hate it. Decor is too stark, basement looks like a 70’s scifi show, and the layout of the kitchen would drive me crazy. I’d rather live that has kept more of its original DC row house character.

    • That said, modern-design houses are hard to come by in Capitol Hill. For the buyer who’s looking for that this is a great find.

    • It’s been on the market 7 days and appearing on here as a GDoN. If it was going to go over ask, it would have sold by now. Bring the price down to $400/foot and it will be in contract by Friday (even during a holiday week).

  • Wife and i toured it a few weeks ago. Basement is deceiving. Height is 6 feet. Kitchen is all parts of split up, and the powder room has the smallest sink ever. Think one foot wide by 8 inches deep. Private front courtyard is nicest part.

  • justinbc

    I remember seeing this come through my email a few weeks ago and figured it would go quickly given the size, condition, and great location. I’m really surprised to see this still on the market.

  • Where did they get Metro tile???

  • Nice space, good sized rooms. The kitchen is a little awkward, but otherwise very nice layout. Non-cliche finishes, fixtures, etc. The faux mid-century furnishings look out of place–they belong in a mid-century house.

    • Did you see where the bathrooms are? Not good layout at all! Unless it’s a couple who never has overnight guests.

  • Not to mention that the powder room is basically in the kitchen, which is kind of icky… Nice house, the but floorplan is a little awkward.

  • Nice place. That kitchen tile looks like it was stolen from a Metro platform.

  • justinbc

    They just dropped the price on this to $850K.

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