From the Forum – Pedestrians Beware!

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Pedestrians Beware!

“This morning a man riding his bicycle on the sidewalk near Pleasant Pops intentionally aimed for and tried to hit me even though I made multiple attempts to get out of his way. I didn’t think fast enough to take a picture or call 911. Pedestrians use caution when walking on the sidewalks!”

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  • Somewhere in DC this afternoon: “You wouldn’t believe what happened to me this morning. I was riding my bike on the sidewalk and steering to get around this person walking towards me, but they kept stepping in front of me no matter which way I swerved!”

    • This happened to me in Columbia Heights and I pushed the guy off his bike. Very easy solution.

      • This is the right response. I’m not throwing myself across the sidewalk to make way for an ass-hat swerving around on his bike. Someone’s hitting the pavement and it’s not going to be me; I have a lower center of gravity!

  • I had a guy walking a bicycle try to ram it into me once, for no reason. This happened in Dupont, in broad daylight, with lots of people around! There are insane people everywhere.

    • same. on 19th. guy elbowed me in the back of the head. what a dick. i bike to get everywhere every day. but if i need to use the sidewalk, i dismount and walk it. even if the sidewalk is clear (someone might exit a store at some point!)

  • Dude, you shoulda taken one for the team. If a couple of pedestrians get knocked over, maybe the cops will finally start enforcing the ban on bikes on the sidewalk.

    • Bikes are allowed on the sidewalk near Pleasant Pops.

    • Bikes are allowed on the sidewalk in the area where this happened.

    • No. Do not get injured to prove a point. And your point fails as the cyclist can legally ride on the sidewalk in this area. The only area that cyclists are legally barred from sidewalks is in the CBD (below Mass covering the entire Mall). This does not mean cyclists follow this law at all, but a cop can’t ticket him for riding on the sidewalk in this area of Adams Morgan.

  • Are you sure this isn’t one of those situations we’ve all had where you step right and the other person steps the same way, then you step left and they mirror you, and then right again, etc., except with a bike?

  • I’m starting to wonder if we’ve reached the point where we need safety training and a licensing process in order to ride bikes on city streets and sidewalks. I see too many people doing stupid, unsafe things on bikes. They’re every bit as bad as motorists.

    • We have licensing and safety training for drivers, and it doesn’t seem to make a lick of difference. As someone who uses a bike for 95% of my transport needs, I find it best to absolutely, positively never ride on the sidewalk. On the road, I ride fast and assertively, and do my fare share of Idaho stops at signs, but will never, under any circumstances, run a red light.

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