From the Forum – Looking for Kabocha Squash and a Cleaning Service

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Where to find kabocha squash?

“I am trying to stock up my favorite squash and can’t seem to find kabocha squash lately…anyone know of a place that has a good supply or where I can look? The Whole Foods near me (I’ve checked 3 now…no longer seem to have any).”


House cleaning:

“We just moved to Petworth and have a 3BR/2.5 BA row house and two dogs. We are looking for weekly cleaning services. I would prefer an individual rather than a company. Recommendations please!”

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  • Someone was at the Library of Congress Main Reading Room open house on Veterans Day.

  • I’ve had trouble finding kabocha squash too. Really surprised Whole Foods doesn’t have it. Maybe there’s a crop shortage this year?

  • I know I’ve seen kabocha in the past at H-Mart (the Korean market). It’s a bit of a hike, but might be worth checking?

    • +1 I bought a couple of Kabocha squashes there last weekend for something like 40 cents a pound. They had tons left.

  • You can find kabocha squash as “acorn squash” in various places… Trader Joe’s sometimes has them.
    Otherwise, you can try Hana, the Japanese grocery store at 17th and U.

  • Mountain View Farm at 14th & U and Bloomingdale markets had very good kabochas. Not sure if they will still have them this weekend.

  • Hana Japanese Market usually has a few. They are at 17th and U Street.

  • the YES at Georgia and Taylor has a consistent supply of kabochas. I’ve bought two or three there in the past month. They are right next to the door when you walk in.

  • I used CAOS cleaning for a move-out this summer and have engaged them to do regular cleaning of my new (1-br) apartment. I’ve been very happy with the service! It is a small company.

  • Kkabochas: I’ve had good luck at neighborhood markets, Hana usually has them, and of course Sam Wong.

  • I bought them at Safeway at L St and 4th NW. 1.99/Lb.

  • OH MY GOD, are you in my brain?!? I was on a mad mission for kabocha squash all last weekend. They were easy to find earlier in the fall, but seem to have been gradually replaced by acorn squash (totally not the same thing. I got an acorn as a backup, and maybe I just got a dud, but all it had was that starchy, squashy texture, with none of the nuttiness and rich flavor of the kabocha. Somebody at the farmers’ market recommended Hubbard to me as another alternative–looks like the kabocha, but the skin is a light green–but it wasn’t even close.) I struck out at Whole Foods, a couple of YES markets, and the Adams Morgan Safeway. I found a couple at the Columbia Heights farmers market, and also one of the farmstands at the Dupont market (sorry, can’t remember the name of the farm.)

  • Check Smucker Farms on 14th Street for some interesting squashes.

  • I bought one last month at Safeway in Penn Quarter, I also bought it there last year around the same time. I think it’s a very short season.

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