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Contractor to replace A window:

“I live in a 100 year old rowhouse in Pleasant Plains. I need to a replace a single double hung wood frame window. I’d like to replace it since it’s a rear window, the sash is busted up and it’s pretty drafty. A few of the companies that advertise on local TV and radio have told me that they have an order minimum ranging from 3 to 5 windows. Since I only need one replaced I would prefer to save money and just get what I need done. Do you know of any contractors willing to take on a small job like this?”

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  • Find a handyman or carpenter you would trust through references (I know, really easy to do!). If the older window is a standard size you or they will almost certainly be able to find a replacement at a salvage place like Community Forklift. I’m not surprised a larger window company wouldn’t be interested in such a small job.

  • Najim at Capital Window and Glass is fantastic.202-277-4393

  • I just had an old window in my rowhouse replaced. It was a shower window, two stories up, and I wanted the whole frame removed and replaced with some glass blocks. I had Kurt Ozbey of Handyman Masters (and his small team) do the work, and I was really happy with how it came out, and the overall experience working with him.

    And, for what it’s worth, I found him through Urban Referrals ( which is another place to go when you can’t quite figure out the right person for the job.

  • If you do end up needing to replace 3 windows, consider upgrading your bedroom windows. Newer windows are better insulated, which can have a dramatic impact on how much street noise you hear as you sleep.

  • We had the same issue when we needed one large window in our attic replaced. A few of the window companies had three window minimums and weren’t interested in our business. I wen through Costco only to run in to the same issue – after several phone calls from the company asking about our needs and setting up a time to come out for an estimate, they cancelled the night before because they suddenly remembered their three window minimum.

    In the end, we went through Home Depot. Their home improvement business is run out of Baltimore. The supervisor lives in the DC area and did the estimate himself. Gave us several levels of options and suggested we get the mid level option, since he thought the higher end option would be a waste on the attic level.

    I am loathe to recommend Home Depot for anything but they did a good job with this project.

  • I had several windows replaced on my house and I used Integrity. They’re based out of Bowie and were fantastic to work with. I did have multiple windows replaced at one time, though, so I’m not sure if they do one-offs but it never hurts to try.

  • Home Depot sells Andersen series 50 drop in replacement for like 150 bucks. They install too….

  • Call Jose baca , he’ll do just one….


  • I recently got a beautiful piece of glass from Fairview Glass in Frederick. They rebuild sashes and windows.

  • The reason they are saying 3 windows, because they don’t want to deal with it. I recommend the handyman route. Either you are going to over pay for the one window or you might want to try rolling it into something else you want to get done.

    RE: Home Depot — We purchased windows from Home Depot and our relationship ended with a settlement.
    Anderson windows are great. We are looking into TW Perry for the purchase for rest of our windows:

  • Smoot Lumber in Alexandria is a distributor for many window brands. They may sell you a single window that you could have a handyman install. The staff who work there are helpful, and they can probably give you a reference for somebody to do the work. See:

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