From the Forum – Another (Alleged) Package Thief


Another (Alleged) Package Thief:

“Last Thursday, we had a brazen thief come onto the porch and steal our packages. I am not sure why FedEx left them without signature, but I am hoping maybe posting the picture will help the police identify the man. From our cameras, we can see him scope the porch out, go to the back of the house, come up onto the porch and then return to the side to rummage through everything. He didn’t seem bothered by the cameras and seemed like this wasn’t his first time.”

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  • gotryit

    People do some dumb things in front of cameras. I wonder if they even see them.

  • I have the best UPS driver on my route – he hides my packages so well behind my trash cans even i would not notice them unless i knew it was supposed to have been delivered.

  • if you have a video showing him stealing them, how is it “alleged”?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I added alleged because I did not have access to the video only the still photo.

      • ah. i see.

        • Yeah, it’s called libel. It’s why police departments refer to someone they want to talk to as a “person of interest” as opposed to a “suspect.”
          This is a useful reminder of the need to be vigilant but it would be helpful to know the general location where this “alleged” theft occurred.

          • the government can’t call them a thief until they have been proved guilty. that’s why they don’t. not the libel issue.

            and is it libel if it’s true?

  • I usually avoid trying to blame the victim, but it looks like you have a little department store of deliveries there, and they’re small packages that would be easy to filch. i’d want to be home or have someone around to pick-up all that stuff. It’s become so easy to track it, that it’s simpler to have coverage if needed.

    Cameras often have lousy resolution and in many cases, time they actually aren’t running. I know of buildings that have turned off some or all of their cameras. he may be brazen or dumb by some measures, but he actually may be quite savvy. the

    • “I am not sure why FedEx left them without signature…”

    • DC CapHill

      The idea is that if you aren’t home, the deliver company keeps possession of your packages until you make alternate arrangements. Whoever the drive was that thought this was acceptable, in ANY neighborhood inside DC, should have their heads examined.

      At least you caught the “person of interest”, lol yeah perfect, on tape to provide to the Police.

    • I had a package stolen off my porch about a week and a half ago. I was home the entire day. UPS didn’t even bother ringing the doorbell. They just dropped the package and left, and someone else apparently came by and took it. Don’t be so quick to assume that people who have their stuff stolen are being irresponsible for not being home to sign for their packages. You can be home and available to sign for a package, and the driver may not even bother to check before dumping the package and taking off.

  • I love DC, pay 1 million to live in a house and 90% of your time is spent discussing local crime trends.

  • Thankfully we have a brick porch so the postman can put our packages over to the side so that no one can see them from the street. But when I had a Kindle delivered he tossed the package into the basement area that is enclosed by a wrought iron gate. If I hadn’t looked down there to see some stray cats I never would have known it was there. I know he was looking out for me but I thought it was kinda crazy because I thought the Kindle had gotten damaged. I’m lucky because my office allows us to get deliveries there. Otherwise I can’t imagine the amount of stuff that would have gone missing.

  • Any updates on this? I just had ANOTHER package stole off our porch today. Again, I was home; again, no one rang the bell; and again, someone took the package. I’ve lived here for five years and this has never happened before and now twice in less then a month? Perhaps I have a rogue UPS driver on my hands who either can’t read addresses or has a need to line his or her own pockets? Or, someone is casing my block so well that they can spot an unattended package within an hour of it being delivered?

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