From the Forum – Another Package thief caught & convicted


Package thief caught & convicted:

“Last April, I had a package stolen off my front porch and posted to the forum. It was caught on camera by my security system (though I was also home at the time), showing the mailman dropping off my packages, and her taking them off my porch. I saw it an hour later, called the police, and filed a complaint. I got a call a few weeks after it happened from the police, saying that an officer had recognized the woman from the neighborhood, and so they would file charges when they did end up getting her. Charges were filed on August 14, and the woman pleaded guilty to theft (2nd degree) on October 9th. Sentencing is scheduled for January.

I know this is a pretty dry post, but I just thought I’d let everyone know that there’s one less package thief out there, and that they do get prosecuted.”

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  • gotryit

    And it’s a big +1 for security cameras!

  • Which neighborhood do you live in? I’m in Columbia Heights and have had two packages stolen in the past two months. The police said it gets worse as Christmas nears.

    • OP here. I live in Petworth. The woman in my case lived a few blocks away from me. If you’re getting robbed, set up a camera. They make all sorts of apps to use an old smartphone as a security camera, and it’s cheap.

  • man, there is so much fun you can with this. like package full of poo, for example.

    • Yes. My newspaper thief, who steals the Saturday Post delivery to get the coupons and comics, has been getting the previous week’s paper lately. Meanwhile, the first-rate deliveryman in my neighborhood puts my morning’s real newspaper inside the storm door.

  • I would be feeling pretty relieved if I were you.

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