From the Files of Thieves Will Steal Anything Vol. 11

From the MPD 2D Listserv:

“I’ve been informed that a wheelchair was recently stolen from a handicapped person’s car on the same block as this week’s reported theft.* [3700 B/O Windom] These folks did not report the crime because they felt that there was no point.”

MPD responds:

“Thank you for passing this information along and we are addressing. MPD is also asking residents not to leave anything of value in vehicles and to call 911 for any suspicious activity”

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  • That’s awful (and I agree, it’s not worth the hassle and MPD attitude to report these things). I feel like someone should organize a money pool to buy them a new wheelchair.

    • I disagree. I think you should report ALL theft (even if the MPD doesn’t like it or is a hassle to deal with) so that we have a more accurate picture of theft in DC. Resources are assigned accordingly in a perfect world.

  • Wasting time reporting that to the police was the right thing to do. My car radio was stolen and someone told me who stole and that he was not far from where I was, I flagged a police cruiser and the white police officer was very rude with me because he was going somewhere and should not disturb him. I forgot about it.

  • A wheelchair is not as unlikely an item for theft as you miight think. The panhandlers in my neighborhood use one on a rotating basis to boost their take from passing cars. Sometimes they leave it “parked” on the sidewalk at night.

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