Friday Question of the Day – Where Did You Go For Thanksgiving this Year?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

So I’m just curious – where did you go for Thanksgiving? What was your favorite food on the table this year? Funniest/craziest family fight?

I went to Rockville, Maryland and like every year I love the stuffing the best. Although a close runner up this year was a squash souffle that was insanely delicious. Hope everyone ate well!

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  • Yum stuffing. After 6 plus years in Logan Circle, it’s our second thanksgiving in Houston. Good friends and good food is what matters!

  • Checking in from the St. Regis Resort in La Morne, Mauritius here. We did an Indian “Thanksgiving Dinner” beachside last night, and it was perfect.

    • Mauritius is beautiful. Long way away though! My ship stopped there on my Semester at Sea. Outside of the place being beautiful, I pretty much just remember it for drinking too much and not using sunscreen 🙂

  • I’m a perennial Thanksgiving orphan. Spent main dinner in Chevy Chase with a high school friend and his family. Then over to Shaw for another DC orphan dinner for drinks and conversation.

  • Nowhere! We did thanksgiving with family a week early in Dallas — saved us beaucoups of money.

  • Heart of Logan Circle!

  • Las Vegas, poached pears for dessert, and the literal cat fights between the cats that my sister was cat-sitting!

  • Logan Circle and everyone loved the sweet and sour pumpkin I made!

  • Was on my own. Went to Black Squirrel for their $5 Thanksgiving buffet… only to find out that the food was almost gone. (I guess I should have gotten there earlier.) So I turned around and left, and got a cheese pizza from 7-Eleven on the way home.
    Not a very satisfying Thanksgiving. I did get a last-minute invitation to join a friend’s family’s Thanksgiving, but declined because it was kinda far away and I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit the whole afternoon (and possibly evening) to it.

  • My wife whipped up a great meal and we enjoyed a quiet day in Petworth with the kids. Unfortunately my 6 week flu cough frumk meant I can’t taste and I awoke on turkey day to the stomach flu!!!! Ugh. At least by dinner I could actually eat something! Stuffing and mashed potatoes were great ….

  • New Jersey as always!

  • Columbia Heights, with waaaaay too much food and not enough over-eaters! Nobody when back for seconds so there are tons of leftovers.

  • Connecticut. We ran in the 77th Annual Manchester Road Race yesterday. ‘Twas a bit frigid! Brrrrrrrr!

  • Rant: Working today.
    Rave: Working from home.
    Rant: My home computer has been having problems booting up. I have a bad feeling that this is the beginning of the end and I’m going to need to replace it soon.

  • Vermont – 18 degrees here! favorite dish, chopped up brussels sprouts with garlic. sounds gross but great!

  • We were guilted into heading to my wife’s family farm in northern MD (Halfway between Upperco and Boring). It sucked, as expected, but my wife’s aunt did make several vegan dishes, so we didn’t starve.

  • Everyone came here! 13 family people for 4 nights. Turkey day was the easy part – it’s the other constant massive meals that are wearing me down. Feel like I have just done a PhD in food storage logistics. Plus slip & fall on ice trail in RC park = badly sprained (right) wrist adds another zone of trouble. Though the ice was really interesting – on the Pulpit Rock trail – water seeping into light dirt then freezing into crystals 1-2 inches long that were then pushed up. Like, if you were an ant this would be crystal mountains.

    But all 3 soldier nephews are finally home and that is joy enough. And Zoolights tonight was great!! And I have wonderful tenants in my basement apt. who “subletted” me back the apt. while they were away so I could sleep 4 bodies down there.

  • justinbc

    A big gathering with friends at one of their places in Arlington (first time I’ve crossed the river in months). Best dish was a tie between the Brussels sprouts gratin that we made and the pecan and chocolate pie that another friend made. Seasonal cocktails were also especially good. Hopefully next year our kitchen remodel will be finished and we can host here!

  • Everyone came to me! Family from Indianapolis and southern Virginia stayed at my home in DC

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