Best Pizza in the District?


I really enjoyed last Friday’s discussion on best sushi. So today I’d like to discuss my other love – pizza. Let’s look at three options – best slice, best pie and best delivery. My favorite slice remains Vace in Cleveland Park (though I really do also like the slice at WiseGuy in Mt. Vernon Square and they have a decent garlic knot too), my favorite delivery is Pete’s a Pizza and my favorite pie is Red Rocks. Admittedly I still need to try &pizza. What about you guys – what are your favorites?

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  • Pete’s is not terrible, but it’s not real New Haven style. Vace is still the best pizza I’ve had in DC, though &Pizza is decent too. Most other places in town range from mediocre to I’d rather eat Papa Johns.

    • Is Luigi’s any good? I want to imagine that they make an awesome, old-school pizza like you’d find in any American city 40 or 50 years ago, but I’m afraid I’d probably be let down.

      • I haven’t had Luigi’s in a few years, but the last time I did, it was awesome–exactly the old-school stuff you describe.

    • This kind of answer confuses me. Can’t Pete’s be good pizza even if it doesn’t adhere exactly to the kind of obnoxiously revered New Haven style? I’m not saying New Haven isn’t good; I’m just saying it doesn’t mean that everything else sucks.

      • I think that with so many styles of pizza and so many variations in personal taste – it’s good to know what standard someone has in making their recommendations. I now want it try 2 Amys and Menomale. I’m more likely to try New Haven style than Chicago style — even if the Chicago style is wonderful, it’s just not what I’m after.

        • There are also no good places to get Chicago Style (or at least I haven’t found them). If you want good Chicago style, I would recommend holding out until you actually go to Chicago.

      • Pete’s advertise themselves as “New Haven Style Apizza.”

        Surely it is only fair and logical to judge them by the standards they themselves set?

  • MMMMenomale. Quattro fromaggi, add prosciutto de parma.

  • Best slice – Wiseguy
    Best delivery – Pete’s
    Best pie (and my overall favorite pizza in DC): Il Canale

  • anonymouse_dianne

    &pizza is a flat bread with any toppings of your choice made to order. Very good. I really like Two Amys but haven’t been able to get in in awhile. They also have mean deviled eggs. Had Pete’s apizza on Monday after the dentist – with clams. Yum.

  • This NJ expat likes Wiseguy the best.

  • Slice: Vace
    Pie: Comet Ping Pong* or Paradiso
    Delivery: Can’t comment, I don’t do delivery

    * Comet at its best is truly fantastic, but I find them to be kind of hit and miss. Paradiso is consistently very good, I’d put their consistent very good pizza just a tiny little notch below Comet at its best and well above Comet on an average or below average Comet day.

  • Pupatella isn’t in the District, but it’s the best around. Also hard to beat the prices there.

  • Have to say, 7th Hill Pizza by Eastern Market is the best I have had in DC

  • Slice: Vace’s
    Pie: 2Amy’s
    Delivery: Only when I’m drunk, so they’ve all been good enough.

    • I like Vace’s for the white slices, but not so much the red.
      2Amys is just awful, esp. for the price–no flavor at all

  • Agreed with Vace. If they were still around, I’d say AV Ristorante for best pie.

  • gotryit

    La Villa from 14th St for New York pizza, inexpensive too. And they do delivery.

    • La Villa is my jam! Love that place!
      Just had &Pizza for the first time today and that was pretty damned delicious.

  • District of Pi is best.
    Paradiso is probably second, but admittedly their beer list influences my opinion of them.
    Duccinnis is also very good.

  • I probably go to Red Rocks most often for pizza, mainly due to the happy hour specials. However, Matchbox is my absolute favorite. &pizza also deserves an honorable mention – try the Grecian!

  • And for something good outside of the district, Giuseppe’s in Rockville is also a great choice.

    A lot of Italian-American’s whose families originally settled in DC mostly moved out to Montgomery County, MD starting in the 50’s and 60’s. They bought most of their restaurants with them, so places outside of the district proper should also be considered.

  • Slice: Vace
    Pie: Moroni Brothers – their crust is perfect. Though they could use a little more sauce.

  • Bacio Pizzeria has my vote for best pie – both the Common Good and the Shaw are my go to.

  • I like Pete’s and, not quite DC, but the made to order pizza at the Friendship Heights Whole Foods – which has a surprisingly good crust — great pizza bones! My baselines are John’s pizza in NYC and Broadway/Yorkside in New Haven.

  • Not quite what was asked, but I hate paying out the a** for bread and cheese basically. Best value pizza – Dominoes!! That’s the only place we order from.

  • randomduck

    Best slice: Vace
    Best pie: Pete’s Apizza (either the Staven or the New Haven, but they are the only place that gets a plain “mootz” pie right in this town)
    Best delivery: if only Pete’s delivered to my neighborhood. That said: delivery pizza is always disappointing, being so far removed from the oven.

  • I’m also a NJ transport, and I say Menomale has the best around…

  • #1= Menomale.
    #2= 7th Hill, very, very good, but not as good as Menomale.
    Pizzaria Paradiso is great, but yeah, the beer list is so incredible, we go here more than anywhere else.
    Moroni Brothers = Paradiso replica. I like this place and hope they stay in business!
    Amy’s= pretty good pizza, horrible ambiance of screaming kids….
    Red Rocks = Amy’s replica but with undercooked crust. We’ve tried RR many times in the hopes that they would fix this problem. The only solution we had was to ask them to cook the pizza a bit longer, which resulted in either a) totally destroyed/burnt crust, or (more commonly) b) they ignored us and undercooked it again…..
    Pete’s= I dunno what the fuss is about. Tastes like better than average NYC pizza to me.
    Matchbox = mediocre.

  • I mentioned it yesterday, but Il Canale is a great Neapolitan-style pizza.

  • So is this two Friday questions in one day?

  • Moroni’s! Best crust in town, and great selections. Good delivery too.
    Il Canale is also really good pizza, not quite Naples but a pretty close replica.
    Etto has good crust but WAY overpriced and last time I was there, the service was absolutely abysmal. Plus they served their $26 pizza on chipped plates. Tacky.

  • Pacci’s in Silver Spring for the best pizza around, easy. District of Pi is the best casserole-pizza around.

  • Armand’s!

    • I love Armand’s (Cap Hill). Gourmet? No, but really good greasy pan pizza. And cheap beers!

    • I miss their Tenleytown location. Quality had slipped in their later years, but at one time, they made a damn fine pie.

    • saf

      I used to work for Armand’s in Mt Pleasant and then in Adams Morgan. Good pizza, but I got such burnout on it because I was young, broke, and had to eat at work too often.

      I should try it again.

  • Italian Kitchen on U is great for delivery.

  • District of Pi. There’s really no competition.

    Bonus points for tons of reasonably priced Schlafly on tap

    • Edits:
      – Slice: Italian Pizza Kitchen (we’re talking late-night slices here, and IPK stands head and shoulders above the competition)
      – Delivery: Angelico (I haven’t explored a ton of options here)

  • Pete’s! A pizza ain’t a pizza without their fried eggplant. Good lord that’s good. And I appreciate them being consistent in their quality.

    Tried Moroni’s once. Never ever again. Bland, flavorless, nearly topping-less, terrible crust, bad sauce, overpriced.

    Mellow Mushroom’s not bad–for what it is.

    Haven’t made it to Menomale yet, definitely on the list to try.

  • Obviously I need to try Vace.

    I like Pete’s, &Pizza, and Paradiso. I also stop at Flippin on my way home if I want pizza. Not stellar, but fast and decent.

  • I am from Wisconsin, and therefore this means I am huge pizza aficionado, because I say so. I have also never had pizza in New Jersey, Connecticut, or New York, so I have no idea how much better pizza will always be from those 3 places, no matter what. With that said, I like Pete’s (especially the Edge of the Woods and their veg specials) the best, but that is probably because it is not only, very tasty, but also very close to me. Red Rocks is decent (goat cheese and eggplant is my fav) but Comet and 2 Amy’s are far better, just a little too far away to enjoy on a regular basis. Menomale was very good too – but again far away.

    I haven’t had Vace in ages, but all of these posts are telling me that I must try again very soon. I had a couple of friends from Italy, and when they lived here, Vace was their choice for pizza, so that could mean something as well. People from Italy know about pizza!

  • Best overall: Pizza Paradiso
    Best slice: Washington Deli, Pete’s or Alberto’s

  • Can I just say….I dream about eating the Moonstruck from &pizza.
    Mushroom Truffle, Roasted Mushrooms, Goat Cheese, Fig Marsala, Red Pepper Chili Oil, Crushed Black Pepper.
    Dear God, thank you.

  • Pete’s hands down

  • How is there not more love for Pupatella pizza? Hands down the best pizza place in the DMV. Cheaper and better than Etto Ghibellina, 2 Amy’s, Menomole, and Paradisio.

    • Because it says best pizza in the District and Ballston is not the District unless you’re commenting from 1846.

      Also because if we are talking about pizza in NoVa, the Italian Store has the best.

      • imagine if there was a post asking for the best _____ in ballston and if people commented about places in DC.
        thats why pupatella is not getting love in this thread.

  • Best…I don’t know. Here’s what I do know:

    Only place I’d go for a slice — PIzza Mart. Not any of the imitation jumbo slice places. Frickin’ pizza mart. You’re drunk, it tastes great when you’re drunk. What’s the problem?

    Delivery — The Petworth Manny & Olga’s once delivered a pizza to me 19 minutes after I placed the order online, just as Thursday night NFL was kicking off. As Jules Winfield would undoubtedly say, “That’s all you had to say!”.

    Good pizza — Pete’s is pretty great. Whoever said bad stuff in here about Moroni’s must have hit an off night because they are great and the crust is great. Red Rocks is meh. Paradiso is damned good too.

    Best pizza — screw it, I’ll stay true to my newfound lowbrow tastes — Matchbox pepperoni pizza. Don’t waste youre time w/ the miniburgers…just dominate a pepperoni pizza.

  • Pete’s by a mile, nothing else is close for consistency and quality. The Metro North and Edge of the Woods (that amazing fried eggplant) are just rockin’ and if those don’t do it for you maybe you don’t like pizza.

  • Baccio’s for casual/take out. District of Pi for dining out. Seeing lots of love for Pete’s. I’ve had it a few times and there was nothing “wrong” with it, just not really my style I guess

  • I like Chicago or New York style and grew-up with Cleveland-style (thick crust, sweetish sauce); I also grew-up with Italian-Americans and used to celebrate my birthday at the Feast of the Assumption, although I’m neither Catholic or Italian..

    Most of the pizza in DC wouldn’t compete well with a white bread Midwestern college town standard, although it’s less horrible than it used to be The idea that Mellow Mushroom (Atlanta’s best, but still subpar) or Pi (college town stuff from the South) can compete should be the first sign that pizza still sucks here.

    I like Vace’s for slices, mostly the white, the red is pretty bland
    Pizzoli’s near Logan got off to a fairly good start but has since declined
    I do like Pete’s, even though it isn’t “real” New Haven (which I had in my brief Connecticut life).
    Paradiso is fine for “gourmet” but it isn’t real pizza and its ridiculously expensive
    2Amys is just awful–tasteless and overpriced and filled with noisy kids

    i don’t do delivery–no guarantee it will be hot and contrary to a lot of people I don’t think cold or heated up pizza is any kind of treat.

  • Stuffed crust Meat lovers pizza at Pizza Hut!!

  • I really like Italian Kitchen on U, plus it’s right by me. Anyone else?

  • If you haven’t tried District of Pi, definitely go. It looks like any other tourist trap spot in Penn Quarter but their deep dish is great. They have a cornmeal crust that’s delicious.

    Pete’s is also a great option, but a very different type of pie.

  • Menomale. And I swear it has gotten better over time.

  • Astor anyone? Adams Morgan’s hidden gem of a pizza. Great buttery crust, slightly salty cheese and a dash of fennel seed in the dough often bring out my craving monster. Don’t bother with their fancier options (eg, Egyptian style). Just go with a pepperoni. My favorites are pepperoni and jalapeño, or if I’m feeling veg, just spinach.

  • saf

    Vace. Pete’s. Moroni (although it has been a while since I was there). Paradiso. District of Pi.

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