For Those Sticking Around Town – El Chucho Having a Pre-Thanksgiving Late Night Happy Hour on Wed.

3313 11th Street, NW

From an email:

“El Chucho Cocina Superior is hosting a very special late night happy hour on Wednesday November 27. Beginning at 9 p.m., we’ll be offering two tacos for $3, $1 chips and salsa, $3 Tecate tallboys, $4 margaritas on tap, and delicious Elote Callejero for $2.50. We’ll also be offering two new hot drinks for $8 each. The Serpent and the Apple features a house-made vanilla bean and bitter orange peel-infused mezcal and pomegranate apple cider. The Bebida Caliente consists of spiced rum, house-made pineapple-ginger syrup, apple bitters, and cinnamon.

The drink specials will run until close with food specials until midnight. Whether you spend the day traveling or preparing for the feast with family, this is a perfect opportunity to catch up with friends and family over a piping hot cider mezcal drink!”

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  • For all those who don’t have to get up bright and early to cook!

  • Something about this is utterly depressing

    • My folks live in the area, so I’ll be around Wednesday night, and I’ll be looking for dinner and drinks. I don’t see anything remotely “depressing” about this.

    • Really, how is this even remotely depressing? It’s a later-than-usual happy hour on the night before a holiday for a lot of people. I think it’s fantastic and sounds delicious! Glad to hear about it!

      • Being at a bar on Christmas Day is depressing though. I speak from experience!

        • Wednesday isn’t Christmas Day. And even if it was, not everyone celebrates that as a holiday and lots of people have to work, and lots of people don’t have anywhere to go. Some of the best times I’ve ever had have been in good neighborhood bars on holidays, both working and patronizing. That’s not depressing, it’s fun! Just depends on your perspective and your expectations. 🙂

        • Emmaleigh504

          I’ve had many fun times in a bars on Christmas day!

    • You know that Thanksgiving Eve is the biggest bar night of the year right?

  • justinbc

    Black Squirrel is also doing their annual $5 Thanksgiving Day buffet on Thursday. I went to it the first 2 years and the food spread was really impressive, especially since it’s AYCE!

  • this is awesome. i’m spending thanksgiving without family for the first time in my life and will definitely be hitting this up as the proper way to kick off a 4-day weekend. Boom.

  • +1 to Why?

  • I love staying in the city over long holiday weekends, and it can be really fun to go out when places aren’t crowded and the vibe is just really chill – wish I were doing that this year!

    • Seems like it used to be like that, but I think I’ve been in town during Thanksgiving over the past five years and the National Mall and museums have been super crowded.

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