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  • It may look better, but I would definitely not label it as good.

  • 1920 version much preferred.

  • To be honest, I don’t even think the original incarnation of this building as a theater looked all that special.

    • +1. I don’t see this particular architectural piece as something worth preserving. Looks like a generic warehouse with windows.

  • The building was a cheap brick warehouse when it was built in 1920, and it doesn’t warrant historical designation. It works fine as a church and I’m glad that they are trying to spruce up the facade a bit.

  • I don’t mind the metalwork, but what’s with the obsession with purple/lavender?
    Personally, I think it’s unfortunate the building didn’t get a historic designation. The fact that the church itself didn’t want it is hardly surprising — property owners don’t tend to want historic designations because it limits their options to make external changes, and their prospects for selling to developers who want to tear the building down and build something huge instead.

    • Purple :: African Americans as Beige:: European Americans.
      it is also the color symbolic of Jesus.

      • If I remember correctly, the pews inside are upholstered in purple velvet.
        I don’t have an issue with purple on the inside, but purple or lavender on the outside (at least for this particular building) looks kinda garish.
        Purple has historically been associated with royalty and aristocracy, but this is the first I’ve heard of it being associated with Jesus.

      • Gee, I guess they forgot to give me that particular memo. I’ll try to restrain myself from making cracks about “beige” European Americans.

        • was it not obvious that it’s simply a generalization?

          • Yeah, that was obvious. As was my response. Since I, personally, dislike generalizations that are made about racial/ethnic/cultural groups, I will personally try very hard to restrain myself from making them.

          • everyone is a unique snowflake, but trends do exist within groups.

  • That’s a pretty awesome picture from 1920. I’d hang that on my bathroom wall.

  • All churches should be turned into pubs.

  • It looks like the archway artwork over the door farthest to the right on the Quebec street side (door closest to Georgia Ave) was installed backwards compared to the other two.

  • Wasn’t there a PoPville thread a while back about the historic-designation controversy? I googled but couldn’t find it.

    • (So I tried to post some links to non-PoPville articles with the backstory, but that post doesn’t seem to have passed muster.)

  • saf

    Oh my lord. I just watched that video. Have to say, they avoided designation despite that video, not because of it.

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