First Chance to See the Tiger Cubs in Action

Photo by Mara Strock, Smithsonian’s National Zoo

From the National Zoo:

“Damai and the cubs will have access to the yard at around 10 a.m. They will likely be outside for one to two hours. As always, all decisions depend on both the weather and the animals themselves.”

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  • After having a zookeeper bitten by a zebra and a gazelle dying this morning, perhaps the Zoo should keep the cubs safely indoors today. Seems like a bad Monday for them.

    • With a bunch of regular visitors, photography buffs, and professional news media showing up for the 10am appearance of the tiger cubs, it would have been impractical for the zoo to cancel that on such short notice. Plus, the gazelle death was a freak accident that doesn’t really have any impact on the safety of the tiger exhibit. I was at the tiger habitat around 10:30am, and everything there appeared to be running smoothly (and the cubs were frolicking and wrestling adorably!)

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