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  • I love it, too, probably the best mural in the whole city, though sadly WPFW is now gone, and I’ve always wondered what’s up with the orange cat driving the cab, with bandages on his head. Very odd.

  • I really like the shout-out (“paint-out”?) to Julia’s Empanadas.

  • A lovely design, yes, but I must ask: where are the dogs? Thought at first that squiggly thing beside the yoga posturer was one, but no. We get a cat, a rat, a roach, a squirrel, a buck dear, and even a dragonfly. I happen to admire dragonflies very much, but you must admit–how often do you see one in the city? But dogs are part of the life here. There are dog Halloween parties in a lot of neighborhoods, DC Reynolds hosts a weekly bring-your-dog day on their patio in the summer. The first people I got to know in the neighborhood were the other dog owners while out walking mine.

    BTW, that’s a tan guy wearing a turban in the cab, not an orange cat! (?) I think the cab is shown with the raindrops as a comment on the tendency of DC cabs to melt in the rain. Seeing a cab and cheerful driver among the raindrops would indeed be “something new”.

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