Double Stabbing Two Blocks from U Street Metro


From @DCPoliceDept around 2am last night:

“3D Dbl Stabbing-2200 blk 12th St NW/ LOF:2 B/M, S1-blue/gray jacket, S2- unk clthg”

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  • Not a lot of information available. Is there a good way to watch for more information about incidents like these, as it may develop?

  • Are there any updates on this appalling story? Who was stabbed? What was the motive? Was this a robbery? Where on 12th Street did this happen? Are there leads?

    As a nearby resident, this is unsettling to say the least. I have been very impressed with the strong police presence in the neighborhood. But the police obviously cannot be in all places at all times. And I will certainly have to reconsider where and when I walk home at night.

    In addition to continued neighbhorhood and police vigilance, I wouldn’t mind cameras set up on each block, with the stipulation that cameras could only be consulted to investigate violent crimes, and footage from the cameras could not be used as evidence or to open investigations into any ancillary illegal activity (other than violent crimes). In addition to being a strong deterrant, this could help catch the abominable criminals who would do such terrible things.

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