District Doughnut Coming to Barracks Row in the Spring, Capital City Subs Closes Next Door

749 8th Street, SE

Great news for serious donut fans living or working on the Hill. A couple weeks ago District Doughnut tweeted the good news:

“It’s official: opening on barracksrow, Spring 2014 #doughnutheaven @ sneed’s barber shop”

You can see their delicious looking doughnuts here.

Also of note – Capital City Subs has closed next door. Stay tuned to see who takes over that space.


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  • Cap City Subs has been around forever. I remember them when my dad used to take me to the Navy Yard in the ’70s. Unfortunately, they were never really good and seemed to get by on the captive audience a the Marine Barracks across the street. With Levi’s gone, a lot of the cheap joints on that end of 8th Street seem to be dying off.

    • Levi’s is gone too? Wow. I hardly ever buy my lunch but I guess Chicken Tortilla’s the sole option now.

      • Levi’s was closed for most of October, then a “Restaurant for Lease” sign appeared in the window earlier this month. There’s a Domino’s off 9th and M, for what it’s worth. I usually get carryout from Al’s Famous Deli across the street from Levi’s. They do a good bulgogi cheesesteak and their wings aren’t bad.

  • Those doughnuts are “da bomb.” Can’t wait to pop in!

  • I hope DD does lunch too. This area is really lacking in lunch options. And I don’t mean “wahhh the food trucks don’t go here” or “boooo it’s all Cosi and Subway”. I mean I would kill for even a chain or overpriced deli or one of those mediocre buffet lunch places.

    • justinbc

      Ambar does lunch, it’s pretty good. So does Ted’s, and Cava Mezze, and quite a lot of other restaurants on the 8th St strip.

      • Yeah, but those are more like sit-down places. And they’re north of the freeway, which is a cutoff for many of the folks I work with. Even for me. I love walking and walk over a mile to work every day but I generally won’t grab lunch from places that are more than 10-15 minutes away simply because I don’t have the time.

    • I wouldn’t eat doughnuts for lunch every day, but once in a while, it would be quite the treat!

  • The blue castle is for sale at 8th and m. If they could get that sold and then if the Beer garden (which will never open) comes to lower 8th, it could be a cool little spot.

    • Yeah, we’ve been waiting on those two developments for years. I thought the blue castle had been sold to a developer already but I guess not?

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