Dear PoPville – What’s Up with the Tapas Place Coming to Bloomingdale?

1837 1st Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Do you know what the status of the Tapas place [Costa Brava] is that is supposed to go up on 1st right next to Rustik? It has basically looked exactly like this for months with no apparent work being done. Any idea what’s going on?”

Looks like they were having some permitting problems. From Costa Brava’s facebook page on November 6th:

“Working hard on permits. Should be soon. Fingers crossed.”

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  • Looks to me like they’re getting The Most Believable Architectural Stone Veneer in the World!

  • Tapas? How exciting! i’ve been looking for a tapas place.

  • Bloomingdale resident here. I think these guys have been trying to open for a year now, maybe longer. If they can’t open by January, I think its time to throw in the towel and let a competent business team come in and open. There’s only so many zoned bars and restaurants in Bloomingdale and this team is essentially squatting on prime neighborhood real estate with no benefit to the community. I’m sure the permitting process is a nightmare, but tons of other spots open regularly in DC every week so it’s not like it’s an impossible gauntlet to run. Every month this place drags its feet, it makes me less likely to even go in and give it a try. The fact that the ownership team isn’t being transparent about what’s going on makes me suspect these guys aren’t above board. I think for better or worse, DC is transitioning into the type of town where unless you’re an industry insider and professional, it’s going to be really hard to launch a successful bar/resto. Maybe these guy’s failures can be a cautionary tale and a reminder of the professionalism it takes these days in DC.

  • That doesn’t look like stone to me.

  • This place will not succeed. Sorry, but tapas? In 2013? How unoriginal.

  • Maybe if I wish hard enough, this will magically transform itself into a Chipotle, Cava, or Sweetgreen.

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