Dear PoPville – Parts of Shaw Not Getting Guest Parking Passes?


“Dear PoPville,

Since reading your post regarding guest parking passes, I’ve been waiting to receive mine but it’s never arrived. Today I called DOT to learn that residents in Zone 2 (I live in Shaw) will not receive these passes. Do you know anything about this? Please tell me it’s not true and it’s all a bad dream.”

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  • tonyr

    I’ve lived in Shaw for a few years and never received one, nor knew that such things existed. I found out about them by accident just in time for them to be discontinued. Story of my life – a day late and a dollar short.

  • The original post says it all – you’re in Ward 2, which isn’t part of the program.

  • Have people from Ward 1 received their visitor’s pass yet? I’m in ANC 1.B in a rental building and I’ve received nothing yet.

    • I am in ANC 1B (also in an apartment building) and got my pass about 10 days ago. Never got one for 2013 though.

      • I called the DDOT last year to get my pass, after seeing a posting on PoP’ville. I bet I will need to call again.

        • Just as I assumed: I called DDOT and they said my apartment building wasn’t in the system AT ALL to receive the visitor’s parking pass. They are notifying some sort of investigation team to check on the validity of the claim that we should receiving them.
          I encourage people to reach out to DDOT to make sure your building is on the list to get the pass. It seems like that there’s a lot of holes in the system.

          • Does your building qualify for residential parking permits?

          • I believe it does. We have resident restricted parking on three side of our building. What are the conditions for it not qualifying for residential parking permits?

    • I’m in Ward 1 and received mine.

  • I can not wait until someone has the wherewithal to gut and overhaul the RPP program. The problems are so numerous I don’t even know where to begin. Is it the zones that are absurdly large? Is it the ridiculously low price (under $3/month), the awkward and inconsistent VPP program as mentioned above, the ineffectiveness of RPP zones near entertainment districts, or the haphazard and inconsistent use of resident only sides of the street.

    • I think it’s that no matter what they do a whole bunch of people will complain. As far as I can tell it’s really only the people in the very-dense and entertainment neughborhoods that are complaining. And quite frankly, parking’s going to be a bitch in those places always and someone always will be unsatisfied with the arrangements. What kind of overhaul did you have in mind?

  • 1B and I have received mine.

  • I am in 1A and we got ours a couple of weeks ago.

  • It’s true, no parking passes for Shaw, thank goodness I have off street parking for 2 cars!

    Has anyone else noticed a lot of 2 hour parking signs are now marked 7am-midnight, Monday-Sunday (ie on R St NW between New Jersey and Rhode Island)? Where the hell are people supposed to park anymore?

    • 7AM-12AM for people with the proper zone stickers. They are allowed to park on the street. Anybody without a proper zone sticker or VPP has to find someplace else to park.

    • It is incredibly frustrating! I live in Shaw and I luckily have space for one extra car in our garage, but anyone beyond that visiting has to park over a mile away unless I trek to the police station and get a temporary pass, which doesn’t seem worth it for a weekend visit. At least in my old area (kalorama) the parking was open on the weekends. Even that would be enough to alleviate many of these problems!

      • The thing is this is a system that was voted on by your ANC and tacitly approved by your council member. This isn’t DDOT coming from on high to do anything. They’re just responding to the will of the residents.

  • anyone received theirs in ward 5 yet?

  • The citywide expansion was halted, and Zone 2 was not a part of the original permanent visitor pass program. If you want visitor passes, you have to get the 14-day ones at your police station. This is a good thing — if Zone 2 were included in this, you’d see the amount of available on-street parking plummet due to abuse.

    • I agree that there would be a lot of abuse in Zone 2, however I do think that they could have done it on an ANC-by-ANC basis.
      For instance, Shaw should definitely be included. I’m in zone 1.B near U Street, which is in MUCH more demand due to the municipal office bldgs filled with employees from MD and the weekend party goers than Shaw. But I’m still getting a pass.

  • Does anybody know which areas around H Street are included? I can’t find specifics anywhere.

    • You’ll probably need to call DDOT to inquire – (202) 673-6813

      My uninformed guess is that ANC 6A (east end of H Street) will get passes, but ANC 6C will not due to including Union Station and all the office buildings in the ANC (high likelihood of permit abuse).

    • Yeah, I’m curious about this too (although I think I’m too far away, being near Eastern Market).

  • This is incredibly frustrating for those of us in the Ward 6 part of Shaw because we were part of the pilot and have VPP now but won’t get passes for next year. Parking restrictions on the street are 7am to midnight and one side is Zine 2 only, which is great for residents. But with those restrictions should come passes so that visitors can actually park.

  • There has been a lot of discussion about this on the Shaw Neighborhood yahoo listserv over the last several weeks. I think that part of the problem with a large swath of Shaw is that it’s no longer in Ward 2, but now in Ward 6. (Which is a completely different conversation, and has a lot of other implications associated with it).

    At any rate, our street signs still say Zone 2, and we now have resident only signs on one side of the street and 2 hour parking 7AM-midnight, Mon-Sat on the other side of the street; as another poster noted, this makes it very difficult for weekend visitors, or for people coming over to do any sort of maintenance work on our homes/apts. We’ve gotten mixed messages from our ANC rep about parking zones and as far as I can tell final decisions haven’t been made yet. I guess if we have guests or need work done on our house that I’ll go down and get a pass at the police station again like I used to. Of course, it’s been nice to have a visitor parking pass for the last year – especially with the new parking restrictions.

  • DDOT has extended the expiration of existing visitor parking passes from September 2013 (printed expiration) through December 2013.

    So if you have your old pass, hang on to it, it’s good through the end of the year. Contact your ANC commissioner if you have a visitor that gets a ticket while using it. There’s lots of confusion about this, even within DDOT and parking enforcement.

  • So why was Zone 2 excluded from the VPP and the 14-day pass? Is there anything Zone 2 residents can do to get a pass for visitors? I went to the DDOT website and couldn’t find an answer.

  • If you need a guest parking pass, you can go to your police district and easily get one. Not as convenient, but just as useful:

  • Ooh, yes please on the guest parking permits! I live in Logan Circle and work a very short walk away. I’ve had coworkers ask if they could buy parking from me rather than pay the fees on the downtown garages. Send me a guest parking permit and I think I could sell it to my coworkers for $100-150 a month, which will save them the $240 a month they’re currently spending to park. Win-win situation! Extra cash for both of us!

  • I live on New Hampshire on the block north of U street. I called the number; they had other apartments in my building listed but NOT my apartment. The agent was very friendly and added me to the dsitrubtion list.

    • Yeah, their coverage for apartment buildings is very spotty. Is yours a rental or co-op/condo building?
      I advise anyone in an apartment building, especially a rental, to call DDOT and confirm that you’re getting one. They are not automatically sending them out to apartments; it seems to be that it’s something you need to request.

      • Its a coop apartment building. Some residents have been there a long time but I am a relatively new resident at that address (but the District).

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