DC’s First Two Walmarts Opening Wed. Dec. 4th at 8:00am on Georgia Ave and H Street, NW

99 H Street, NW

From a press release:

“Walmart will open its first two stores in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 at 8:00am. One Walmart is located at the intersection of Georgia and Missouri Avenues NW (5929 Georgia Ave, NW). The other Walmart is located at the intersection of 1st and H Streets NW (99 H St NW).

The new stores will provide access to a full grocery selection, fresh produce, bakery, delicatessen, organic food items, full-service pharmacy and $4 prescription program, as well as a broad assortment of general merchandise including apparel and electronics.

The company is hiring approximately 300 associates for each store. Walmart provides a benefits program to eligible full- and part-time associates. For example, it provides a variety of affordable health and well-being benefits including health-care coverage with no lifetime maximum. Walmart also offers eligible associates matching 401(k) contributions of up to 6 percent of pay, discounts on general merchandise, an Associate Stock Purchase Program and company-paid life insurance. Additionally, eligible associates receive a quarterly incentive based on store performance.

Alvin Robinson is the store manager for the 103,000-square-foot Walmart on Georgia Ave. NW. Alvin was hired into Walmart’s management training program two years ago and served as store manager of the Walmart Supercenter in Frederick, MD prior to coming to D.C.

Eric Quist is the store manager for the 74,000-square-foot Walmart on H St. NW. Eric is a 7-year Navy veteran who has been working with Walmart for the past 19 years.”

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  • Traffic at Georgia and Military is going to be a nightmare (even more so).

    • I can’t understand why they placed it so close to the road, without an offloading side-road… This is going to be a horrible zone of double parked cars with their owners trying to speed shop. Time to forget about GA Ave from now on…

      • Oh comon…stop with the uninformed, scare monger dramatics. There is nothing thus far that indicates this will be a traffic problem. On-loading and off-loading will most likely take place on 1st street, a sleepy road that has a gravel filled lot next to it, or in the alley on the other side of the building closer to Gonzaga High School.

      • No one is going to double park in a traffic lane to go into a Wal-Mart, you must be insane. Even if that happens, the legions of tow trucks in DC will gleefully tow them away for the over priced fines drivers have to pay to get their cars back

  • I have to say – that H Street store is one handsome building. Nicely reflects the GPO and St Al’s Church. I will be interested to see how it works as a store. Any info on how the residences have sold? (Or rented? I cannot remember if they are condos or not.)

  • Will they be paying their employees enough to feed themselves or are we all expected to donate items for their thanksgiving dinners?

    • I can’t believe there isn’t more outrage over this. Walmart isn’t super rich, they’re super rich x1,000,000. They could easily afford to better support their employees and still turn a mighty profit.

      • Curious, when you are able to pay more for something at a store do you usually do so? I mean, if a gallon of milk is $3, but you could afford to pay $5, do you hand over the extra cash? Why should consumers be able to pay what the market dictates but not bidnesses?

        • If you think that the prices that Walmart charges are what the market dictates, then you need to take Econ 101 over again.

  • Note to self: starting December 4th do not under any circumstances drive anywhere near the intersection of Missouri and Georgia Avenues. That intersection is about to become one of the area’s biggest clusterf**ks, and believe me that’s saying something!

  • I’m really interested to see how Wal-Mart does. My bet is that they will probably be in the red for a few years at 1st and H location as they await the area to fill in. Then again, this is a long term investment for them.
    Personally, I won’t be shopping there. CostCo is already much better for my needs, both monetarily and ethically. But I guess if you’re one of the new residents in this area (or live in Sursum Corda), then this is damn convenient.

    • I live in Capitol Hill and might go occasionally. I don’t have a Costco membership, and this is a lot more convenient than the other discount superstore options. That said, I’ve gotten out of the habit of shopping at discount superstores and probably won’t feel the need to go very often.

      • Get a Costco membership. If you live in Capitol Hill, you can’t be more than a 15 minute drive away. Certain items available there for bulk beat Wal-Mart on price and, of course, you’re supporting a store that pays its workers a living wage.

        • Seriously. Costco is sooooo much better than Wal-Mart for many reasons, not least of all better quality merchandise and better treatment of employees.

        • To go once or maybe twice a year though? I used to have a membership but didn’t think it was worth it. There’s not a whole lot I find useful to buy in bulk.

  • As of December 4 there will be 600 people in the District of Columbia earning a paycheck issued by Walmart, as opposed to a relief check issued by a governmental agency. I’m not ethically challenged by that at all.

    • +1,000,000

    • Did they guarantee to hire only district residents?

      • Yeah…how do you figure 600 people in the District will be earning a paycheck and not people from Maryland or Virginia…

    • You’re assuming that Walmart is paying those people enough so that they won’t need relief checks. Numerous studies demonstrate that this is not the case. Recent studies show that a single Walmart costs a community anywhere between $900,000 to $1.75 million in public aid (up to nearly $6,000 per employee per year) because of its failure to provide the overwhelming majority of its employees enough so that they no longer rely on relief checks issued by government agencies. I suppose Walmart is literally better than nothing, though that’s not a particularly ringing endorsement.

      • Same is true of most military families. Would you prefer people just sit around all day and not work? At least this gives them the pride of doing something for at least part of their support. And it reduces what we the taxpayers are paying for their support.

        Win, win.

        • Logic fail. Corporations that pay less than a living wage are taking tax dollars directly out of our pockets for their own enrichment.

          • If you’re concerned about the logic in all this, then you need to start boycotting every business that pays less than a “living wage,” which I’ll put at $20/hour considering the cost of living in this town. Go on, try it. If you film it, I’m sure it’ll make a good documentary.

          • @dno

            There is a huge difference between earning $20/hr and earning a Wal-Mart wage and needing food stamps to buy food. If you don’t know the difference, I’d suggest you visit the real world more often.

          • I know people employed as professors at major universities that are on food stamps. It’s not just Walmart that underpays employees.

      • Just about everyone in this area is tax payer funded.

        • how do you figure?

          • I’m guessing that Ben’s comment refers to the large number of people in the DC area who work for the federal, state, and city governments in some capacity. I would also include research facilities / universities that receive government funding directly and indirectly (i.e. student grants). That doesn’t count the service industries that support those who are more directly “tax-payer funded”.

      • By “recent studies” you mean one study, done by Democrats in Wisconsin looking at the costs of a Wal-Mart store in their state. http://democrats.edworkforce.house.gov/sites/democrats.edworkforce.house.gov/files/documents/WalMartReport-May2013.pdf – I wouldn’t exactly call this an objective unbiased study of Wal-Mart’s economic impact.

        Here’s my issue with studies like this – the “cost” is a total of all the social services that the employees of this Wal-Mart are potentially obtaining from the government due to the fact that they do not receive a higher salary. This does not take into account the money generated from sales tax, income tax (of the new workers) or the greater spending ability that the stores lower prices have on the region.

    • With only a fraction of them earning a living wage or qualifying for decent benefits. It’s a Walmart, remember.

  • I feel crappy about them coming into my neighborhood. It feels crappy, because I never wanted them in my neighborhood and now they here. It not a living wage. They will disrupt traffic, and parking will be a mess.

    I kind of feel like the lower income neighborhood got targeted. There is no Walmart west of the park. Then my friend showed me this video: [disclaimer — not for the faint of heart] http://www.walmartcruelty.com/ … and I was like thanks for making me feel better.

  • Tax incentives go to Walmart to get them to come. Their employees make so little in wages they have to be on public assistance. They squeeze out locally owned businesses with their size and price points. Basically, we pay to get them here, pay to keep them here, and lose our own folks when they get here. All in the name of “low prices” and 600 “jobs” that don’t pay enough to keep folks off food stamps.

    Walmart isn’t a store, it’s a delusion. A costly delusion.

  • No way the one on GA Ave will be open by Dec 4th. There is still a ton of construction to do, not to mention interior work/stocking/etc.

  • Can’t wait for the one on Georgia to open. I am definitely looking forward to it. Will be frequenting this one over the Safeway further north for sure.

  • Agreed, crappy wages. Once they raise the min wage (this better happen) there is nothing to complain about. If they are starting people at 11.50, then this is a huge addition to the city, and will prevent a ton of retail leak to the suburbs.

  • I would like to know if these two stores are 24 hours stores.

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