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  • Contraflow bike lanes and sharrows in the direction of traffic were supposed to be installed on G and I Streets NE by the end of October. Anyone know of a revised timeline?

    • I sure hope they do this. I hope they do something similar for Benning Road, maybe contraflow down Gales Street. There’s really no easy way to head west not on Benning Road, as Rosedale has loads of short one-way streets.

      • I agree, but Gales (east of 16th) is so narrow with parking on both sides that there’s no way a bike lane would fit. DDOT would have to take out parking spaces, and we all know how that would go.

  • Seems like a reasonable plan. With the trolley and cars, it’s going to be a massive headache to bike down H Street. Though, I’m sure some idiots will try and complain online about how difficult/dangerous it is.

    • justinbc

      People who ever biked down H Street for any length of time were already verging on that. If you weren’t using G or I you were really missing out on a headache free ride.

    • Bikers pay taxes. They should expect to be able to use roads that those taxes pay for.

      • Love the logic. I will be driving my car on tax payer funded bike lanes almost exclusively from this point forward. Since I’m a tax payer I obviously have the right to use those lanes that I pay for.

        • BOOM. Roasted.
          Shut this thread down.

        • You can still drive your car on that road. Your not being pushed off a certain road so that it can be used for an outdated mode of transport.

          • gotryit

            We’re not being pushed off the road. Just like cars aren’t pushed off the road when a general purpose lane is converted to bike lanes. You’re just not always the #1 priority – sometimes other people are. Get over it.

      • gotryit

        Go take a ride on 395, not on the shoulder, or you’re trolling

        I’ll enjoy my bike rides on roads that are better for biking.

        • Like the guy cross country skiing down 395 during snowpocageddon few years ago?

          That image still amuses me. Wish I could dig up the news report showing him…

          • gotryit

            A former coworker used to roller-cross-country-ski down Georgia avenue from Silver Spring. As in, cross country skis with what looked like roller skate wheels at the front and back of each ski. That image still haunts me.

      • no one is stopping you from riding in H just noting that your wheels might get eaten by the trolley tracks and another route might be safer. I ride a lot but have still gotten pushed into tracks by a car that squeezed into my side. it was scary and I’m lucky I know how to bunny hop out but after that I try my best to avoid streets with tracks….

      • Cyclists will still be allowed to ride on H Street. Those who do will have to exercise due care to avoid having issues with the tracks. Most, I assume, will prefer the alternatives.

        As a cyclist I welcome improved transit that will also encourage denser development, enabling more people to live within easy cycling distance of work and shopping.

        If you look at the cities in europe with strongest transportation cycling cultures, you will see they also have streetcars.

      • Cyclists ride bicycles; bikers ride Harleys. Just needed to get that out there. :p

    • exactly, some fool will come on here to say how close he came to u-locking a trolley that almost hit him while he was riding down the middle of the trolley tracks.

      • I’ve u-locked cars, buses, trucks, fellow bikers, and the odd pedestrian here and there, but never a trolley. Challenge accepted.

        • Sure you have, Conan. Congratulations on being the toughest guy on the internets.

        • LOL. Go down to New Orleans and ride the St. Charles streetcar line. People walk, run, bike, and even ride horses on the right of way. Couldn’t believe it the first time I saw it.

  • its wrong. I (eye) street is now 2-way until 5th st NE.

  • As someone generally supportive of the streetcars I am disappointed more foresight was not used to design adage way for bikers to be on the road. I hope this is remedied for the other planned streetcar routes.

    • What exactly do you have in mind? Bikes can still use the road, they just have to watch out for the streetcars (and tracks). Apart from not having streetcars and tracks, what else can they do? Do you want bike lanes in addition to streetcar lanes and “car” lanes (I put it in quotes because they are already also for bikes.)

  • I use the bike share from Union station every day to get home. I take F street to ride with the traffic, as you cannot cross over to I with the current barricades up from the street car construction. I have almost been hit several times turning on to 11th street from F, to dock my bike at 11th and H NE bikeshare station. There is a light right near that intersection (onto Maryland ave), and a stop sign on one side of the street but not the other. Is there anyone I can contact about the safety concerns about that intersection? I am not asking people to change traffic patterns, and I am extreemely cautious and follow the stop signs etc., but I am concerned for other riders who may not be as familiar with that street.

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