Dacha Beer Garden Looking to Build a Permanent Structure, Serve German Food

Rendering via @ANC6E

Thanks to @madam__im__adam for passing on some interesting news about Dacha’s future plans at 7th and Q St, NW from the @ANC6E meeting last night:

“Dacha Beer Garden, 1600 7th st, wants 2 build permanent struct 4 restroom n kitchen. Want 2 serve German style food”

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  • lovefifteen

    Awesome! I love Biergärten and German food. 🙂

  • Yes please! I cannot get enough Dacha!

  • For a german-themed establishment, I think the name Dacha is a little too close to Dachau.

    • justinbc

      Yeah, but you rarely hear people craving borscht or stroganoff at a beer garden. One name controversy at a time is already too much for DC to handle, apparently.

    • This has been my exact thought as well. Dacha would make sense for a russian vodka house, not a German beer garden. Poor choice.

    • lovefifteen

      The “ch” isn’t even pronounced the same so I don’t know why you would think of Dachau.

    • I believe the pronunciation for each is completely different. Dacha would be closer to “dacha”, like “gotcha”. Dachau is more like ‘doch-ow”. Great news about the permanent structure btw.

  • Awesome. We need more outdoor community spaces like this.

  • justinbc

    I thought they had already planned to partially close in the winter to construct a kitchen?

    • Yo, that’s what they’re talking about. Bam!

      • justinbc

        Right… So how is this any different from what was reported quite a while ago?

        • Um, the new news is that they’ve actually submitted designs. Which look awesome.

          • justinbc

            That’s not a design, it’s a drawing, but OK.

          • It’s a drawing, which is part of the design. Sheesh!

          • ^ This guy….

          • Yo Justinbc, why do you have such a boner for slagging on Dacha? You seem to verbally vomit praise for certain places, mostly your friends’ restaurants.
            But you really seem to have it hard up for Dacha. What gives? Everyone who’s been there seems to having nothing but great things to say about the place.

          • As far as I can tell, Justin criticizes just about everything.

          • No, he definitely heaps incessant praise on certain places over others.
            I could understand it if he had a bad experience, didn’t like the drink offerings or atmosphere, or thought the prices were too high – ya know, an actual review of a place. But he never mentioned that here. His attitude toward some places – in this case, Dacha – can be extremely petty and dismissive. I’m guessing it’s for personal reasons.

          • justinbc

            Are you out of your mind? I didn’t say one bad thing about Dacha, in fact I’ve never even been. I’m quite looking forward to going to the pepper event that was posted a few days ago for there. I’m simply pointing out that someone tweeting a picture of a restaurant idea is not “news”, as it’s already been reported that they want to do this, and this is by no means any sort of solid architectural design. Get your facts straight before you go overreacting.

  • I wonder whatever happened to the proposed beer garden in SE near Navy Yard? It was supposed to be on the corner of 8th and L SE.

  • I think a kitchen only needs one restroom. The other three should be elsewhere.

  • Mmm schnitzel!

  • I lived a couple blocks from here for a very long time, and I still can’t believe something like a beer garden is right on 7th st! This area was still the hood even 5-6 years ago.

    It would have been quite a site to see the stark contrast if Kelsey Gardens was still around, with a trendy beer garden right next to it haha.

  • I would prefer they install a ball pit and bouncy castle, so I can roll in with my kid and get my drink on. The budding mass of urban parents who desperately need a place to booze the edge off, while their kids are trapped in Lord-of-the-Flies type playthings, is a vast untapped market here in the District. Beer garden + tot-lot = $1M idea. You’re welcome.

    • I told my friends – who just recently announced their pregnancy – that we could make a million bucks if we opened a bar that catered especially for parents. Have a daycare/kid-check like they do at Ikea. Allow parties. Have an outdoor space with play things for the kids and lots of benches for parents. Healthy menu with lots of kid-friendly options and portion sizes. Fun drinks for the kids.
      It’s gold, Jerry! Gold!

  • Schmankerl! Any further insight as to what types of Schmankerl?
    Des wird a mords Gaudi!

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