Check Out the New Construction Pop Up and Back on Richardson Place NW


“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to send along a pop up that is on Richardson Pl NW (corner of Florida / RI ave). I sold my house on the street a few years ago because it was so small (650sq ft) and now this is being built and they are asking almost a million for it! The photo’s make it look a little more in scale, but from the side it is HUGE.”



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  • hispanicandproud

    I’d be embarrassed to live in one of these pop-crap-ups.

    • said the renter

      • So now “renter” is an epithet for anonymous cowards to throw around on PoPville? Awesome.

      • The only thing uglier than a busted pop-up is your ugly attitude.
        Reminds me of my co-worker’s fiance – he was born on 3rd base and thinks he hit a triple. He’s in his late 30s, plays video games and sleeps all day, no job, and has had his parents pay for everything (they’re worth $50+ million). He then has the gall to complain about “poor people” and why they simply can’t work harder, if they don’t want to be poor.

  • I’m not inherently opposed to pop-ups, but that looks bizarre set back so far from the street. I’m surprised they were permitted to do that (perhaps they weren’t).

  • It’s long enough to build a bocce court on the lower level, but you could also almost touch both walls with your arms outstretched! Truly the best of both worlds.

    I don’t get how this works in the back. It looks like the width clearly encroaches on the lot to the right in the backyard, unless the lot really is shaped like that.

  • they are building some crazy across the street from here too. anyone what that is?

  • ledroittiger

    I sold my house on the street a few years ago – DERP!

  • Richardson Pl is a glorified alley tucked behind a truck style gas station. I had a friend live there when it was starting to turn (@8years ago), and the alley dwellings, though small , can be ideal for one person…..but $500,000 to live in a glorified alley near what seems like an off ramp to a major artery….no thanks.

    • what’s a “glorified alley”?

      • A recognized street that was recently rebricked and is a haven from traffic and has relative quiet compared to Rhode Island Ave and New Jersey Ave that surround it. It used to have a great grass area where myself and the neighbors let their dogs run and play. Now that is the “crazy” as an above commenter mentioned. Too bad. That being said, I’ve walked up this building and was indeed able to touch both walls with my arms spread out (I’m 6’5″).

        -I lived there for 3 years.

      • It’s a half street – technically I believe DC has four. I owned a house there 2000-2002. I bought it for $60K and sold it for twice the amount. About a year after that, it sold for twice that – oy! At the time it was such a rough neighborhood cabs wouldnt drop me off at my door – no exaggeration. The street wasnt even paved – it was a crazy, lumpy mishmash of asphalt, gravel, dirt and bricks – hence why it basically looked like an alley. There was no sidewalk, my door opened to the street and once someone parked so close I couldnt get my door opened. I wont mention all the crime – mostly crack whores – but at the time the block managed to have a great neighborhood vibe. It’s come a long way aesthetically in 10 years!

  • There a pretty much no windows except in the front and back which is not really any different that most interior row houses but those aren’t as long as this building. While I am glad an unused land is going to be to what I assume it is going to be several condo units (sold at an elevated price that someone will buy) I can’t help but not love this project as executed and it isn’t because it is taller than the norm on the block.

  • What you can’t see from the pictures is that this lot backs right up to the very busy Hess station. Welcome to fume city. Love the all-rendering website too.

  • Need more protected historic districts asap.

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