Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop opening first DC location this Thursday at 18th & M Street, NW – A Dozen More Coming

1800 M Street, NW

From a press release:

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, founded in Wilmington, DE and long a favorite of Delaware beach-goers, expands its presence on the East Coast as it opens its first location Thursday, November 21 in the Nation’s Capital at 18th and M Streets NW.

Known for roasting whole turkeys daily and making sandwiches to order, Capriotti’s is being brought to the DC market by local businessman George Vincent, Jr. The 32 year-old Landon School and University of Maryland graduate plans to open a dozen Capriotti’s location in the region over the next two years.

Hot and cold sub sandwiches in three sizes, sandwiches made to order, a selection of salads and four vegetarian subs, plus a kid’s menu make up the offerings at Capriotti’s. The best seller, The Bobbie, voted “Greatest Sandwich in America” by AOL readers, is made with in-house roasted turkey, homemade stuffing, cranberry sauce and a touch of mayo. Another favorite, the Capistrami, combines hot pastrami, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing and Cole slaw.

The store will be open seven days for lunch and dinner. On Sunday through Wednesday hours will be 11 am until 10 pm. Late night hours will be in effect on weekends with hours being 11 am until 3:30 am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.”


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  • “The best seller, The Bobbie, voted “Greatest Sandwich in America” by AOL readers…”
    Note to businesses: Do not cite “AOL readers” as your fans in 2013.

    • This is like the restaurants that advertise they were voted best in their category in Washingtonian. In 1993. Or mentioning that 4-star review by Phyllis Richman in the Post. In 1983.

  • orderedchaos

    Any word on where the other locations will be?

  • People in the suburbs/beach towns are willing to eat crap food for one reason… it’s there. Hence the pervasiveness of all the boring chain restaurants that would never survive in the city, especially in a city where so many awesome places are pushing the envelope in terms of food. Why focus on bringing 12 glorified subways to the city rather than focusing your efforts on opening one awesome new concept that brings someting the table (ala Taylor Gourmet)?

    • Agreed, and this seems like a crapper Jetties. But man, Taylor Gourmet as your example of something special? Flip a coin on them and Subway.

    • Is it boring? Have you been there? Or are you just being negative because it’s a chain?

      • Capriotti’s is really good. If you see the previous post on POPville you can read the excitement in the comments of people who are familiar with the subs. It’s in no way a Subway and the menu doesn’t try as hard as Taylor “Gourmet,” they’re just really good subs.

        • I am ecstatic that my favorite sandwich chain is in DC. I used to drive over the bay bridge to get them. They have exceptional vegetarian options that I have never found at any other sub shop. Yummo.

    • You clearly have never eaten one of these subs. They are much better than Taylor Gourmet, and they started in a city, so clearly they can survive and thrive enough to expand to our city. Why focus on bringing twelve of these? Because this 32 year-old obviously has some means, and he’s decided he’s going to expand those means considerably by bringing a well known and loved product to Washington, DC. Your dismissal of this chain is like loving Five Guys when it was only here, and hating it now that they’ve expanded.

      • Second that. I grew up in Delaware, and the subs are pretty great. I have maintained that the Casapulla’s subs were better at their original location, but Capriotti’s is better than any of the other Casapulla’s locations (meaning, down at the beach).

        Also- why are people always so grumpypants about a “chain” coming to DC? It’s a local institution that grew from a little state. Personally, I can’t wait for the Bobbie- Thanksgiving in my mouth!

    • “boring chain restaurants that would never survive in the city, especially in a city where so many awesome places are pushing the envelope in terms of food”. Oh, you mean like all the chain store restaurants (TFIFridays, Ruby Tuesday’s) that are in/coming to Columbia Heights? Stop being so sanctimonious.

    • 1. What are these awesome places that are “pushing the envelope in terms of food”?
      2. What was Taylor Gourmet’s new concept? Wasn’t it some dudes from PA who missed the hoagies they could get there? Or do you mean new to DC? Then the only difference is this is an established chain whereas Taylor started here.

      Not trying to defend this place (I am cluless), but your criticism is pretty weak.

    • Didn’t know that one restaurant taking a small spot in the city would frustrate you so much.

  • Or just go to Bub & Pops across the street

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