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  • I ran across an old advertisement many years ago that make me think that place has been a garage since it was built – like the one on Independence – back to the teens or twenties.

  • Oh no … that’s where I have taken my car for 10 years. My 1998 RAV 4 is still going strong with 150k+ miles on it thanks to those guys.

    • msmaryedith

      It’s probably not convenient to you if you’ve been taking your car here, but I’m a huge fan of Huhn’s Texaco Service Center out in Old Town. It’s dirty, but the guys are honest and very inexpensive. I highly recommend them! It’s been sold in recent years, but Mike Huhn still works there (it had been his dad’s shop), and he is a great mechanic.

  • Pat sold the building a few months ago and was leasing it back from the new owners temporarily, but he finally closed it up maybe a month or two ago. He said the new owners might want to build housing above the garage.

    ET is correct (according to Pat) that the building housed garages going back to its construction.

  • I thought the guys selling the Pierce School at 1350 Maryland Ave had already announced they are buying this garage to turn it into their own residence. Perhaps they changed their minds?

    Anyone know any more about it?

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