Burberry Closing Connecticut Ave. Location – Likely Moving to CityCenter

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Burberry is moving from their awesome downtown location at M and Connecticut Ave, NW. J Street Companies lists the property as available June 1, 2014:

“Iconic one-of-a-kind corner retail space on Connecticut Avenue. Available for the first time in 30 years.
Ideal location for a flagship retail store.”

Washington Business Journal hears they could be moving to CityCenterDC. I’ve also been hearing those rumors, so at this point it is very very likely to be true.

Looking forward to seeing who takes over this awesome old space on Connecticut Avenue too.

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  • Naturally, this would be a great spot for an Apple Store. There probably aren’t any households within a 10-block radius of that store that don’t own at least a half dozen Apple products.

    • There’s absolutely zero chance of this becoming an Apple store. Apple is all about their open, uncluttered floor plans that give shoppers room to “be” (nevermind that Apple stores seem to be always packed to the gills). This (awesome) corner spot is just too constrained for Apple. My best guess is that Apple is playing the waiting game to see who else fills out City Center before they commit to anything. There are too many solid options for them to expand in DC at the moment to commit to any one location – they’re fully cognizant about their high demand among developers.

      • Agreed. Waaaaaaaay too small and oddly shaped for an Apple store. The like big rectangles with walls of glass.

  • That’s just the kind of space that Starbucks likes…

    • of all the ideas posted in this thread (few, actually), this seems most likely. this area (i work a block away) is dead for high-end retail. d.e.d.

    • Eh, but there’s a Starbucks one block away at Connecticut and N Street NW (you can literally see it from the Burberry store). And even that one isn’t packed to the gills all the time; it would cannibalize that location’s business.

      • That’s never stopped Starbucks from opening another shop! If they think people on one side of the street aren’t likely to cross the street to get coffee but would buy coffee if it were on their side, they’ll open another store on that side of the street. I don’t think that applies here and a Starbucks isn’t what I’d want to see here, but who knows.

  • I really hope someone takes it and it doesn’t just sit empty for years like the old Talbots or Filene’s space. I would like to see this area thrive as a retail corridor once again. Ideally, this should be DC’s grand shopping boulevard.

    • I think it will. This area is already so dead.

      • Yeah, it’s a shame. It’s such a prime location right between Dupont Circle and Farragut Square. In my mind, it would look something like the Champs-Élysées on the weekends. With people from all over the world coming to window shop, people watch, etc. Sidewalk Cafes, Multi-story department stores, pastry shops, street musicians, sidewalk vendors. Right now, we should be getting ready for the Christmas Markets to open. Farragut Square would be a vibrant 18-7 urban square like Union or Madison Square in NYC.

        Instead, we have a dying commercial strip surrounded by a lifeless sea of drab office buildings.

        • It’s like you have a window into my own thoughts.

        • For a brief moment in time I thought it might be heading that direction, but then the economy tanked, and it all fell apart…

        • that’s what it used to be, then they all moved to Tysons or Friendship Hgts

        • Metro Center seized the opportunity to become a shopping destination, and City Center will shift the shoppers further east. I’m not sure the core can support another dense retail area.

        • LOL. Right? I mean, come on. DC ain’t no Paris.

        • Bingo. Paris is a city of 2.2 million people in 41 sq miles. DC is a city of only 600k in 61 sq miles. Unless we are willing to raise the height limit or do what Paris did in the 19th century and knock down and radically rebuild the city at greater density, we will never have the civic life of a larger city like Paris or New York.

        • I didn’t post that and Champs-Elysees may be unrealistic, but you have to appreciate the sentiment – shops, street cafes, active street culture instead of the ghost town it is now. Even being like Georgetown would be better, but with wider sidewalks that would allow for street cafes, etc.. Georgetown isn’t my favorite part of the city, but if nothing else it has people spending time there and retail to complement the restaurants and a vibrancy that this stretch of CT totally lacks.

    • Speaking of that former Filene’s Basement location nearby, there seems to be construction activity going on inside. Might PoPville or someone else have any scuttlebutt? I also wonder if there’s any hope for the former Talbots across the avenue.

  • I predict a 5 Below.

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