Bergami’s Pizzeria Coming to Rhode Island Row this Spring

RIR Main Street dusk
Photo courtesy Rhode Island Row (2300 Washington Place, NE by the Rhode Island Ave Metro)

From an email:

“Haven Pizzeria Pioneer to Bring Custom Pies to Northeast D.C.

D.C. area pizza purveyor Mark Bergami’s next move is bringing him to Rhode Island Row in Northeast D.C., where he will debut his entirely new restaurant, “Bergami’s,” this spring.

This is Bergami’s first time owning a restaurant, but his pizza pedigree is extensive. Prior to Bergami’s, he was involved with Bethesda’s Haven Pizzeria, whose New Haven-style pies received raves from Tom Sietsema of the Washington Post, as well as Washingtonian and Bethesda Magazine, among others.

The fast casual restaurant will let customers choose their crust, sauce and toppings, then watch their artisan pizza be constructed and baked to perfection in a special 90-second oven. Bergami’s will use fresh, healthy ingredients and serve natural sugar sodas, craft beers, wines, and made-to-order coffee drinks (menu attached). Bergami also unveiled that the new restaurant will offer a revolutionary “carb-less pizza” featuring a crust made of cauliflower. “My wife was the biggest critic of the idea before trying it, but now she absolutely loves it,” Bergami said of the unusual recipe.

Bergami’s choice of Rhode Island Row is evidence of a growing eastward development trend: Increasingly, businesses see Northeast as the place to build to get ahead of the real estate curve. Bergami was impressed by the development’s positive atmosphere, a crucial element to the success of a restaurant, and he designed his restaurant concept explicitly for Rhode Island Row.”

Check out the menus after the jump.



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  • And Ft Totten still only has a free clinic and a 7-11 with a Walmart coming soon….wahoo!

  • yay, they have gluten-free crust (and without a surcharge, it seems).

  • rhode island row is so horribly designed i’ll be surprised if things work out there.

    • Would you mind indulging my curiosity and expanding on what it is that;s so horrible at RIR?

      • jealous of what?
        i think it’s a horrible layout, as is the home depot. it was truly a lost opportunity and i will forever blame vincent orange for it.

        the RIR development is desperately trying to mimic other successful “town centers” like shirlington, but they are just a bad idea in the urban fabric. it turns its back on RIA and gives us a weird cleveland park like service lane. its bad design, pure and simple. developers treat ward 5 like its a backwater depository.

  • no more pizza

  • I live close to RIR and am very glad that it exists. The new business is keeping people in the neighborhood and bringing people to the neighborhood as well. It takes a minute to find a spot, so get there a few minutes early. I’m excited for the new spots – Jersey Mike’s, Bergami’s, Sala, Chipotle – but one question… What’s going on with Carolina Kitchen?

  • I’m surprised that no one had mentioned the fact that there is a perfectly great, independently owned, Neopalitan pizzeria just a few blocks from here. Menomale is a neighborhood gem. If this were a pizza restaurant with a different style of pizza (Pete’s anyone?) I’d be excited. It’s just unfortunate that we can’t get a little better variety in the area. And RIR is great development in a somewhat blighted part of town. It’s just so unfortunate how poorly planned the place is. It’s confusing at best, and that’s setting aside the HAVOC from it’s weird traffic flow that bleeds out onto RI Ave. It’s the only tough traffic spot on RI between North Cap and the border.

    • I totally agree that Menomale is such a gem and great addition to the neighborhood. However, it looks like this restaurant will differentiate itself by offering more of a variety of menu items and more American styled menu items (just look at the Chef’s suggestions). I doubt you will ever find a taco pizza listed at Menomale as they seem to stick to traditional Italian/Naples style pizzas. Also, I agree with your comments on the neighborhood being poorly planned, but retailers are becoming more interested and it is changing. If you read the Rhode Island Avenue blog, you’ll see that quite a few new restaurants are coming to RI Ave and filling in the vacant gaps.

    • It sounds like this place is going to (at least attempt to) make New Haven-style pies, like Pete’s.

    • My hope is that this new place is a bit more kid-friendly. Menomale is very good, but I can’t bring my son there. They don’t say it out loud, but the layout and scarce booster seats scream “kids not welcome.” Which is fine, but it means I’ll be spending my money elsewhere.

  • MORE pizza. Joy. :/

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